Susanna Reid left ‘revolted’ after watching footage from new Jimmy Savile documentary

His victims still suffer the scars of abuse

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A Jimmy Savile documentary will air tonight on ITV and Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid interviewed one of his victims earlier today.

Sylvia Edwards was a guest on GMB, which showed footage from the new documentary.

The girl was just 18 when Savile allegedly groped her during a segment he was presenting on BBC’s Top of the Pops in 1976.

Viewers watched as the video was played back on GMB this morning, with Sylvia appearing as a guest.

susanna reid talks about jimmy savile documentary on itv
Susanna was left ‘revolted’ by the footage (Credit: ITV)

What did Susanna Reid say?

Susanna also said it was ‘disgusting’ that he had assaulted Sylvia, shielded by others in the crowd.

In the footage, shown in tonight’s documentary, Sylvia, now 63, is seen jumping with surprise.

She explains how his hand was ‘rock solid’ and she couldn’t ‘shift it out of the way’.

It’s hard sometimes because I knew what was going on…

She says she felt ’embarrassed’ as Savile kept moving his hand while talking to the camera.

In the footage, the paedophile is then seen grinning as he says: “I tell you what, a fella could get used to this, as it happens, he really could get used to this.”

Jimmy Savile documentary footage shown on ITV GMB
The footage showed Savile allegedly groping Sylvia (Credit: ITV)

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Susanna told Sylvia on GMB: “I just feel revolted, as anyone would now, but also by the fact that whenever we were watching that, it was all a big joke at the time.

“We didn’t realise – and we should have – what he was actually doing.”

What did Sylvia Edwards say to Susanna?

Sylvia was asked how she felt watching the video back.

She told Susanna: “It’s hard sometimes because I knew what was going on and I asked for help on it.

“When the camera moved away from us we could actually get out from where we were, because the camera had clogged us in.

Jimmy Savile's victim on GMB
Sylvia Edwards speaks to Susanna Reid on GMB (Credit: ITV)

“I went down to this man in headphones and said to him ‘He’s just put his hand up my back and I didn’t like it,’ and he said ‘oh go away, that’s just Jimmy, go away.'”

Sylvia gestured how he’d waved his hand, dismissing her.

She went home and told her dad, but he’d thought he couldn’t do anything about Jimmy Savile.

His celebrity status meant his alleged acts went undetected for decades.

How many victims did Jimmy Savile have?

The definitive answer is unknown.

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Following his death, hundreds of women came forward to claim he sexually abused them when they were children.

A total of 450 claims of abuse and rape were reported to 13 police forces, but could not be proven.

Sylvia’s interview comes ahead of a new documentary called Savile: Portrait of a Predator, airing on ITV tonight.

Operation Yewtree’s detective Gary Pankhurst appears in the programme.

He says: “If we look at the individual and how they were able to operate, what I was thinking about in terms of an offender was how he maximised his opportunity to defend.

“As you see his career progressing each decision and change in his career gave him greater opportunity to offend against a greater number of individuals, and also he increased the protection around him.”

Savile: Portrait of a Predator is on ITV tonight at 9pm.

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