Jessie Wallace opens up about Kat Moon possibly returning to EastEnders

We would love to see Kat and Alfie back on the Square

Kat Moon and husband Alfie (Shane Richie) left Walford last year after winning £1million on a scratchcard. The pair then went to find Kat’s long lost son in Ireland.

Jessie Wallace, who played Kat for a decade and a half, and Shane starred in a spin-off series, Redwater, which aired this year following their search for Kat’s son in the fictional Irish town of the same name.

But it seems Kat’s Walford days may not be over as actress Jessie opened up about the possibility of her returning to the square.

Jessie played Kat for over a decade (Credit: ITV)

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The series was left on a cliffhanger with fans not knowing if Kat and Alfie were in fact still alive.

Jessie appeared on Tuesday’s Good Morning Britain when stand in host Jeremy Kyle asked the star whether she would be returning to the BBC soap.

He said: “You ended up in Ireland. Anyway, you going back or what?”

Jessie, 45, admitted: “I don’t know, I really don’t know.”

Jezza, 52, continued to probe the star as he asked Jessie whether she would be open to returning if the opportunity came up.

Grinning, she added: “Never say never, that’s the standard answer.”

Jessie refused to give Jeremy a straight answer about a possible return (Credit: ITV)

Earlier this year Jessie reminisced about her days in the soap and admitted she doesn’t miss it at all.

Kat became one of the show’s best known characters and was famous for her leopard print attire and fiery attitude.

But during a scene back in 2001 Jessie’s on-screen daughter Zoe Slater (Michelle Ryan) uttered four words that would follow Jessie around for the next 16 years: “You ain’t my mother!”

Jessie revealed that she’s asked to shout out the infamous catchphrase to strangers in the street.

She told the Daily Star: “Someone did it yesterday and I just gave them a dirty look.

“When people see me they say ‘Go on… say it, say it’ and I’m just like ‘No’.”

Kat and Alfie made a return to our screens this year in Redwater (Credit: BBC)

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Speaking about whether she ever feels the urge to get back to Walford Jessie said at the time: “I don’t miss being on EastEnders… not really. As an actor you like to move on and do other stuff. I don’t really miss it at all.”

After Kat and Alfie were such a hit in the soap TV bosses decided to bring them back for the six-part series Redwater, which aired earlier this year.

Danish director Jesper Nielsen directed the drama which was created by former EastEnders boss Dominic Treadwell-Collins.

Talking about bringing them both back to our screens Jesper said at the time: “Now is the perfect time to take two of EastEnders’ most beloved and enduring characters out of their comfort zone as they head to Ireland to search for answers to some very big questions.

“My team here are very excited about creating a whole new drama that stands apart from EastEnders while taking our style of storytelling to a place of stories, myth, secrets and immeasurable beauty.”

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