Jess from Love Island has gone blonde and we didn’t recognise her

What a difference a hair colour can make

It’s amazing what you can do with hair, isn’t it.

A different style or a different colour can totally transform someone beyond recognition.

And that’s what Jess Shears has done!

The gorgeous former Love Island star has posted a pic or two of herself sporting stunning blonde locks, totally turning herself into someone unrecognisable.

Who is that? Its Jess! (Credit: Instagram)

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Topless, and having Facetuned the picture to within an inch of its life, Jess has unveiled the new look on Instagram.

But don’t worry brunette fans – she hasn’t gone permanently blonde.

The t’riffic tresses are courtesy of hair stylist Carl Bembridge.

While she looks stunning, some fans were taken aback ad barely recognised her Barbie look.

One said: “It took me a minute to work out who it was!”

Don’t worry folks – it’s just a wig (Credit: Instagram)

The new look was for a night out with boyfriend Dom Lever and ex villa mates Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes.

Jess wore the wig for a night out with Olivia and Chris from Love Island (Credit: Instagram)

She later posted that the wig wasn’t staying and that she’d be back to brunette.

Meanwhile the stunner has been mocked by fans after she posted a Tweet informing them of a dash to A&E.

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She wrote: “Off to A&E 🙈” and later added, “Standard night out 😂 literally such a clutz.”

While many fans offered her sympathy, others bombarded her with mean messages from trolls.

One said: “Must be bad if you had time to text.”

While another used a line from Love Island “Yes, I got a text.”

Another sniped: “Has your fame bubble burst?”

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