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Jeremy Kyle viewers urge guest to dump wife who has cheated on him TEN times

She blames her mum - “the worst mother in the world” - for her deception and sleeping around

Jeremy Kyle viewers urged a husband whose wife has done the dirty on him with ten other men – and then gave him an STD – to get rid.

Love rat Shannon claimed being “in the wrong place at the wrong time” lead her to cheat on Kurtis, her partner of five years, so many times.

But she also laid the blame for her actions at her mum, who Shannon described as “the worst mother in the world” and someone who has encouraged her to play away.

Insisting Kurtis knew all about her having sex with other men behind his back and had “moved on” because of his love for her, Shannon did admit there was some doubt as to whether he is the father of her two-year-old. 

The Jeremy Kyle Show (Credit: ITV Hub)
One of those ‘wrong place, wrong time’ situations, apparently (Credit: ITV Hub)

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Shocking those watching in the studio, Shannon said she did not take precautions with the other partner she was sleeping with at the time she became pregnant.

However, she did suggest she was “95 per cent” sure Kurtis was the dad because she hadn’t experienced pregnancy scares at any point during the time she was bunking up with that specific other partner.

Shannon also denied to host Jez that she gave Kurtis chlamydia two weeks before their wedding – insisting that information came from her mother.

“Mum’s a liar,” Shannon cheerily announced to the studio audience.

The Jeremy Kyle Show (Credit: ITV Hub)
Trapping flies (Credit: ITV Hub)

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She also claimed her mother Rachel could be responsible for messages sent to Kurtis from an anonymous Facebook account that contacted him with rumours he is not the daddy of Shannon’s child.

The 24-year-old went on to accuse her mum of assault.

Viewers were not impressed with Shannon’s behaviour and treatment of her husband.

But he did not endear himself to those watching at home either after Kurtis insisted he would forgive Shannon because of his love for her.

The Jeremy Kyle Show (Credit: ITV Hub)
Kurtis’ tolerance came in for some questioning on social media (Credit: ITV Hub)

Nonetheless, among the dozens and dozens of enraged, baffled and profane tweets reacting to the chat show as it unfolded, there were clearly many viewers who though Kurtis should dump her, biological dad or not.

“Husband is a wimp. Needs to ditch her and go for full custody. If they are his #jeremykyle,” read one of the more polite summations on Twitter.

Another pondered: “Imagine staying with someone who cheated on you that many times #jeremykyle.”

“Get rid ffs #jeremykyle,” demanded a third.

The Jeremy Kyle Show (Credit: ITV Hub)
‘Okaaaay…’ (Credit: ITV Hub)

Others wondered whether Kurtis was being selfless in his decision to stick around.

One viewer said: “I’m not sure why he’s the bad guy here. Perhaps he’s putting his kids first by not abandoning them and leaving in the sole care of that [bleep] #JeremyKyle.”

Meanwhile, scores of x-rated tweets found hilarity in the situation.

“How can you cheat on your husband 10 times and give him chlamydia and then say it’s your mum’s fault 😂😂😂😂#jeremykyle,” read a rare one that didn’t contain any bad language.

The Jeremy Kyle Show (Credit: ITV Hub)
Everyone’s favourite chat show topic (Credit: ITV Hub)

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