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Jeremy Kyle Show: Viewers divided over calls for it to return to ITV

The show was axed in 2019

The Jeremy Kyle Show was axed in 2019 following the death of one of its guests.

However, there’s now been calls for the show to make a return however not everyone is keen.

The show began trending on Twitter on Wednesday as viewers questioned whether it will ever make a comeback.

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The programme axed in 2019 (Credit: ITV/Ania Pankiewicz)

Will The Jeremy Kyle Show ever return?

Some people called for the ITV daytime programme to come back.

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One person said on Twitter: “I see that Jeremy Kyle is trending and it might be brought back and tbh I kinda wanna bring it back.

“Yes Jeremy Kyle did the whole lie detectors but you also forget when he helped people like the women with bad teeth or children who are carers and that’s why I want it brought back.”

The presenter hosted the show (Credit:

Another wrote: “I do miss the Jeremy Kyle Show tbh, I know it’s garbage but so is everything else.”

One added: “Bring back the Jeremy Kyle show, it was a brilliant.”

However, many people slammed the calls for it to return.

I know it’s garbage but so is everything else.

One tweeted: “Jeremy Kyle was trashy exploitation TV, glad it’s gone and never coming back.”

Another wrote: “They do not need to bring back the Jeremy Kyle show.”

Jeremy kyle - ITV
Some Twitter users slammed the calls for the show to return (Credit: ITV)

What did Twitter users say?

One said: “I wanna see him [Jeremy Kyle] back on screen, but not The Jeremy Kyle Show format, something else, something new.”

Meanwhile, it comes after a TV executive ruled out the show returning.

Speaking to BBC journalist Amol Rajan on his podcast, chief executive Dame Carolyn McCall revealed why the show was scrapped.

She said: “We cancelled it because actually, we felt that… we did our own look at it.

“It was probably something we were looking at any way to be absolutely honest with you and we made that decision because, in that moment, it was the right thing to do.

“That doesn’t mean to say they did anything wrong on the show, it just felt that given what had happened, the severity of that situation, we just thought that was the right decision to take.”

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In 2019, the show was scrapped following the death of Steve Dymond – who died shortly after allegedly failing a lie detector test on the daytime show.

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