Jeremy Kyle on the Jeremy Kyle Show, which is now the subject of a documentary

Jeremy Kyle documentary viewers admit ‘guilt’ over watching chat show

The show was axed in 2019 after 14 years onscreen

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Viewers of the Jeremy Kyle Show: Death on Daytime documentary have admitted to feeling “guilt” over ever watching The Jeremy Kyle Show recently.

Following on from Channel 4‘s recent documentary, many viewers have been revaluating their relationship with the show, which was axed in 2019.

Jeremy Kyle on the Jeremy Kyle Show, the subject of a Channel 4 documentary
Some feel guilty over ever watching the show (Credit: ITV)

What is The Jeremy Kyle Show documentary about?

In 2019, a 63-year-old man from Portsmouth called Steve Dymond appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Steve had been accused of being unfaithful to his partner. He was on The Jeremy Kyle Show to prove his innocence. However, Steve ‘failed’ a lie-detector test, which seemingly ‘proved’ that he had been unfaithful.

A few days after he appeared on the show, Steve tragically took his own life. The show was subsequently axed a few days later.

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On Sunday and Monday (March 13 and 14), Channel 4 aired a documentary about The Jeremy Kyle Show. It took viewers behind the scenes and spoke to former crew members, who revealed all on what it was like to work on the show.

Previously unreleased footage also saw Jeremy slamming “thick as [bleep] guests”, berating audience members for talking, and ranting at production staff.

Jeremy Kyle talking about the documentary to the camera on talkRADIO
Jeremy broke his silence on the documentary yesterday (Credit: talkRADIO / YouTube)

How have viewers reacted following The Jeremy Kyle documentary?

Following the documentary, many viewers have expressed guilt over having ever watched The Jeremy Kyle Show in the first place.

“I feel so guilty for the times I watched any of this show, I’m surprised it went on for so long knowing now what went on behind the scenes,” one viewer said.

We were all guilty of watching it and feeling so much better about ourselves and our lives that we never had to go on #JeremyKyle but seeing this has genuinely made me feel awful about watching it religiously every morning,” another wrote. 

“I feel bad because I used to watch it and probably make comments on Twitter. I’m with you, we are all to blame,” a third said in reply.

“I think many of us here, myself included, have enjoyed Jeremy Kyle when it was on at some point and now feel immensely guilty,” another said.

“I’m firmly in the camp of people feeling guilty that I ever watched Jeremy Kyle,” a fifth tweeted.

Jeremy breaks his silence

Yesterday (Monday, March 14), Jeremy finally broke his silence on the documentary during his radio show on talkRADIO.

He “addressed the elephant in the room” on his show. However, he declined to comment on the death of Steve Dymond.

“Yes, I am fully aware [of the doc]. I will say only this, my friends, to you,” he continued.

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“I have maintained a consistent approach over the last three years. I have said that I will not comment on the tragic death of Steve Dymond until the legal process has finished and that is a position I will maintain,” he said.

“When – and trust me, there will be a time after the inquest, when it is right and proper for me to have my say – because there are of course two sides to every single story – I will do it here and I will do it to you, and that is the most important thing.”

Jeremy Kyle Show: Death on Daytime is available on All4 now.

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