Jeremy Kyle horrified as guest removes her false teeth!

He and the audience looked close to being sick

Jeremy Kyle’s show has had its fair share of stomach-churning moments for viewers over the years.

But a moment in this morning’s episode turned even the host’s tummy, as a woman removed her false teeth and tried to hand them to him!

Jeremy found himself caught between the warring sisters (Credit: ITV)Jezza looked shocked and nauseous as the guest suddenly took out her dentures and proffered them forth.

The woman, Tricia, was on the show after being accused by her sister Annemarie of stealing £2,000 in cash from under her mattress.

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As Annemarie prepared to tell her story, Tricia was watching backstage.

She offered up a tissue, suggested her sister was lying and spewing out something unpleasant, and said: “Here, give her that and tell her to wipe her chin.”
To which Annemarie replied: “Tell her to keep the tissue to put her teeth in.”

Clearly feeling brave and not giving a damn, Tricia whipped the falsies out of her mouth and offered them to Jeremy.

Looking shocked and disgusted, Jeremy offered Tricia the tissue back and said: “Anything else you want?

“Please don’t do that again with your teeth. I’m slightly shocked about that.”

The dentures are out, as Jezza looks on (Credit: ITV)Later in the show, when lie detector results showed that Tricia was lying and had stolen the cash, her sister Annemarie was left in floods of tears.

All this gummy mayhem over breakfast had clearly been too much for some of the show’s viewers.

One unhappy viewer tweeted: “Well that’s put me off my toast #jeremykyle.”

And another wondered if that had been the show’s worst moment, asking: “Was that, THE teeth!, the worst moment of #JeremyKyle history?”

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A third had a slightly different perspective, tweeting: “Some middle aged woman has just pulled her false teeth out on Jeremy Kyle. Poetry in motion.”

The Jeremy Kyle Show is on ITV weekdays at 9.25am. 

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