Jeremy Kyle guest mocked by viewers for ridiculous cartoon character tattoo

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If you’re having relationship trouble, it’s often a good idea to seek couple’s therapy, or sit down with your partner for a serious discussion.

Or, you can bring your entire families onto Jeremy Kyle, for a ding-dong argument of epic proportions.

Any guesses what Shauner and Stefan decided to do to sort out the issues they’d been having?

It was one of the biggest barneys in ages (Credit: ITV)

Luckily for us it was the latter. Shauner, 17, was accusing Stefan, 21 of all manner of relationship indiscretions.

She’d said he was controlling, wouldn’t leave her alone after she tried to break up with him, and had even uploaded her picture and phone number to an adult website.

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She’d been the recipient of dozens of calls from men who were after a service she was not willing to provide.

Stefan denied any wrongdoing (Credit: ITV)

However, something about Shauner’s appearance caught the eye of viewers, and it was this that grabbed attention over her relationship woes.

Peeping out of her slit-sleeved top on her left arm was a clearly visible tattoo of a Minion.

Shauner’s Minion tattoo divided opinion (Credit: ITV)

That’s right, the little yellow animated characters from the Despicable Me films, which have now taken on a second life as illustrations for Facebook and Twitter memes.

Viewers couldn’t believe their eyes, with one writing: “Nothing says classy like a minion tattoo” and another simply sharing half a dozen laughing emojis.

Although, one person did admit to quite liking it, although they appeared very much in the minority.

After this, the rest of the piece descended into something of a farce – although of course, where Jeremy Kyle is concerned that makes for must-watch entertainment.

Security Steve said: “I’m staying out of it.” (Credit: ITV)

Both Stefan and Shauner’s families were brought out, and it wasn’t long before they were slinging barbs across the stage at each other.

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And at one point, burly security man Steve had to keep them separated as Shauner’s sister got overly animated.

All in all, it was a great day for the 925 club, as JK aficionados call themselves – top form Jezza!

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