Jeremy Kyle guest got fiancé arrested so she could have sex with his best friend

Well that's one way of doing things...

Just when you thought you’d heard it all… A woman appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show accused of having her fiancé arrested so she could cheat on him.

Wait, it gets even more shocking!

Not only did Wayne reveal his wife-to-be had betrayed him – he admitted it was with his best friend.

Jeremy Kyle Wayne
Wayne’s World wasn’t one you’d watch again (Credit: ITV)

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During the segment, entitled ‘You had me arrested so you could cheat – is our miracle baby mine?’ Wayne told host Jezza about his worrying suspicions about his partner.

Wayne, 35, explained that he’s been with fiancée Kerry, 30, for 13 years but revealed that she has cheated on him at least four times during that period – including once in front of him.

On this occasion, Wayne said that Kerry then called the police when he became angry apparently claiming that he had beaten her.

Jeremy Kyle Kerry
Kerry’s “foghorn” voice alarmed some viewers (Credit: ITV)

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Once Wayne was out of the way, she had sex with his best friend in THEIR bed.

Jeremy spoke for all of us when he cried: “She had you falsely arrested and had sex with your best friend… Why the hell are you still with her? What’s the matter with you?”

As the audience erupted into thunderous applause, he replied: “I love her a lot.”

Wayne was on the show to find out if his “miracle baby” Diesel (not a spelling error) was in fact his.

He revealed they had been trying to conceive for years and were even about to embark on IVF.

As the pair chatted, Kerry could be heard shouting from backstage in such an aggressive manner, that Jeremy admitted: “I’m actually quite scared of this woman.”

When confronted about her dirty deeds, Kerry shouted at Jeremy: “That was in the past, what you on about?”

Kerry Veronica Jeremy Kyle
Kerry and her twin sister Veronica (Credit: ITV)

She, in turn, accused HIM of cheating on her and said he was a heavy drinker.

Meanwhile, Kerry’s twin sister Veronica was screaming blue murder and even walked into a camera during a furious flounce off stage.

Ultimately, Wayne was revealed to be the dad of the four-month-old, and the couple “are still together and working on their relationship”.

Those watching from home had many opinions about the family, none of which we can print here.

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