Jeremy Kyle fans mortified as mum is accused of “dogging behind a burger van”

She was accused of "abandoning" her daughter too

Jeremy Kyle viewers couldn’t believe their ears this morning when a guest was accused of abandoning her daughter, cheating on her partner, having sex with strangers – and DOGGING behind a burger van (not necessarily in that order).

On Friday (March 21), mum Donna appeared on the ITV morning show after her daughter contacted the programme makers in a bid to reconcile their broken relationship.

Donna Jeremy Kyle dogging burger van
That tartan outfit was almost as colourful as her sex life! (Credit: ITV)

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Sixteen-year-old daughter Summer told host Jeremy that she felt abandoned after Donna allegedly slammed a door in her face two years ago.

She claimed the unpleasant incident happened after Donna and Summer’s father Scott split up.

In fact, Scott was also in the studio and things became heated as the exes came face to face and had a fiery showdown.

Donna's ex Scott Jeremy Kyle
Scott had a few bones to pick with ex-Donna (Credit: ITV)

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Scott accused Donna of cheating on him with another ex, Ian.

He also accused Donna of “dogging behind a burger van” with her ex-partner.

Scott said: “She’s a pathetic excuse for a mother, she walked out on her own daughter.

“She’s a liar, I was with her for seven years. We broke up because she’s a cheat. She went to Cyprus and had sex. She cheated on me with Ian.

“She used to go to the burger van on the top of the hill and go dogging.”

Summer Jeremy Kyle
Summer cried backstage as a war of words ensued in the studio (Credit: ITV)

While Donna didn’t deny the accusation, she spat back: “Where the hell did you get that from?”

Things got worse for Donna as another ex – this time her former best friend Sasha – entered the conversation and told a shocked studio audience that Donna had had a one night stand during a holiday to Cyprus.

Pretty bad, but much worse when you hear that Sasha lay ASLEEP in the same bedroom!

After the show aired, The Jeremy Kyle Show’s official Twitter account updated their 380,000 followers with the message: “Since the show, Donna and Summer accepted our help and have been attending counselling sessions to get their relationship back on track. We wish them well for the future.”

Fans watching from home seemed more amused by the dogging references, though, with one typing: “Dogging and burger vans… That’s a good day to me #jeremykyle.”

Another observed: “He didn’t say the ‘behind the burger van’ was incorrect, only the dogging bit #jeremykyle.”

A third joked: “#jeremykyle Dogging in the burger van. A nice set of buns and a sausage in a vehicle.”

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