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Jenny Ryan calls out The Chase contestant’s money losing move

The Vixen stood her ground

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ITV’s The Chase star Jenny Ryan didn’t hold back on yesterday’s show.

The quiz expert, also known as The Vixen, 38, warned a contestant not to hold back, and he went on to regret his final decision.

She was left thoroughly unimpressed by contestant Ed’s move, that ultimately cost him and his three teammates – Kelly, Ed and Judi – from beating The Chaser.

Kelly lost out first, and, despite earning £1,000 didn’t make it to the final.

the chase
These contestants were no match for The Vixen (Image credit: ITV)

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Tom earned a whopping £6,000 in his bid to beat Jenny, and was encouraged by his teammates to take on a higher offer.

However, he declined which led to Judi securing entry into the final and earning £7,000 in her cash builder round.

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Finally Ed was up and he was faced with either sticking with £2000 or taking a risk for a chance to be in the final as well.

Judi urged him to take the risk, but he turned the offer down – much to Jenny’s apparent annoyance.

Jenny said she didn’t think it was a wise move and that he should have taken a chance for the sake of the team.

She told him: “I don’t think that’s very wise.

bradley walsh
Bradley Walsh tried to defend the contestant (Image credit: ITV)

“I’m sure he’ll make a big success of himself. But I said it wasn’t wise he should have gone for the minus one.”

The show’s host Bradley Walsh chimed in with:  “I know, Judi called it as well but sometimes when people go on the show they don’t want to take money away from other people that have earned it.”

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Undeterred, Jenny hit back with: “That money’s theoretical at this point, it’s not real money until you’ve won the final chase.

“So it’s irrelevant, it’s not taking money away from anyone. It’s adding to the chance of winning some money.”

jenny ryan
Jenny explained why sometimes the risk is very much worth it (Image credit: ITV)

Several viewers took to Twitter to praise Jenny’s reasoning. One tweeted: “Very well said by Jenny there. Lot of nonsense said about people taking the minus offer on The Chase #TheChase”.

But another claimed: “Jenny saying Ed should’ve gone for the minus? He wouldn’t have even got back with that!”

Ed went on to score 15, a respectable mark, but he was still no match for Jenny, who went on to win triumphantly.

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