Jason Gardiner slams past judges and offends new stars during Dancing On Ice launch

"Mr Nasty" is back!

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He’s famous for not holding back with his opinions on Dancing On Ice and this year Jason Gardiner has been living up to his “Mr Nasty” reputation before the show has even started.

At the press launch for the show, which returns to ITV on 7th January, he managed to offend both the new stars and the past judges he’s worked with.

Jason Gardiner is famous for not sparing any feelings when he gives his opinion (Credit: ITV)

Speaking to The Sun Online, the 46-year-old choreographer admitted he didn’t have a clue who most of the celebrities taking part are.

They include Love Island’s Kem Cetinay, Bake Off winner Candice Brown and Good Morning Britain weather forecaster Alex Beresford.

Jason admitted he wasn’t at all starstruck when he met this year’s line-up.

(Credit: Instagram/DancingOnIce)
This year’s Dancing On Ice contestants have appeared at a press launch and Jason admitted he didn’t know who most of them are (Credit: Instagram/DancingOnIce)

He said: “I don’t know what they are famous for. I didn’t know what Love Island was. I’d say I didn’t know 80 per cent of the line-up. Sorry, I’m being honest.

“The thing is I don’t own a TV.”

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Jason said his lack of knowledge will be an advantage when it comes to judging as he won’t be swayed by any star power.

Jason didn’t recognise reality TV stars like Love Island’s Kem as he doesn’t watch telly (Credit: ITV)

“They’re not celebrities, they’re contestants in a competition,” he said. “They are just people and want to be treated evenly and equally.”

They perhaps won’t want to hear the harsh words Jason may have about their routines as on previous series he’s been known for not sparing any feelings when it comes to his critique.

On this year’s judging panel, he will be joined by Olympians Torvill and Dean and Diversity’s Ashley Banjo.

The judge criticised some of his past colleagues for lacking in dance knowledge (but didn’t name names) (Credit: ITV)

He said took a swipe at previous judges on the show as he welcomed them to the team.

He said: “I absolutely respect Ashley and what he’s done. What feels great is that for the first time, the panel feels solid.

“Everybody who is on it is an expert in their own right.

“They have incredible experience that they are going to bring to the panel and the show.”

Can’t knock their credentials: Olympic legends Torvill and Dean will join the judging panel this year (Credit: Instagram/DancingOnIce)

When asked what the show lacked in previous years, Jason explained: “I think it was missing people who really had an understanding or an actual experience in dance.

“I’m just going to leave that there, I don’t need to name names.”

Jason said he’s looking forward to working with Diversity’s Ashley Banjo (Credit: ITV)

Ooh Jason, you tease! It’s not clear who he’s talking about as the judging panel has changed numerous times over the years.

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Past judges have included Olympic skater Karen Barber, who Jason often argued with, Spice Girl Emma Bunton and the Pussycat Doll’s Ashley Roberts.