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Tuesday 14th July 2020

Janet Street Porter gets into shouting match with Saira Khan on Loose Women

They were talking over each other

Janet Street Porter clashed with Saira Khan during an intense debate on today's Loose Women.

The panel were discussing whether people should quit social media and how to tackle online trolls.

But Janet and Saira didn't quite see eye-to-eye as journalist Janet urged people to get off social media altogether.

Janet said people should come off social media if they can't handle trolling (Credit: ITV)

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Saira argued: "Our children, because of bad people, have committed suicide as a result of constant hounding."

Janet interrupted: "Yeah but if you don't want your child exposed to it, take their phone off them."

Before Janet could continue her point, Saira exclaimed: "No, Janet! Don't take their phone off them. Make people accountable and let these big companies control their technology."

As the audience clapped, Janet said: "You'll never be able to control these big companies," as Saira repeatedly said: "You can."

Janet added: "They are going to outwit you every time."

Janet and Saira didn't see eye-to-eye on the matter (Credit: ITV)

Saira then read out Instagram's new rules, which warns users about posting nasty comments.

No, Janet! Don't take their phone off them.

Janet hit back: "Well all I can say is I hope that in the end, everybody realises that social media is like a virus.

"We're all addicted to it and yet we only want to read nice things about ourselves on it.

"Out in the real world, people are nasty and unpleasant and I'm sorry, in the end the only way not to be exposed to it is to not use your phone."

Saira disagreed, saying: "But you can say that about newspapers. In newspapers, you read nasty things about people, I've read nasty things about me."

Saira said social media companies should be dealing with trolls (Credit: ITV)

Janet hit back: "Newspapers are regulated, the internet is not."

Saira said: "We have to let these big companies know we are not taking it," to which Janet said: "The biggest way [to avoid trolling] is to not even sign up to it."

Saira added: "Not realistic."

Viewers watching the debate shared their thoughts on Twitter.

One person said: "Jesus Christ, Saira! Stop bloody shouting. #LooseWomen," while another wrote: "#LooseWomen Well said Janet! If you can't cope with trolls then come off social media!"

A third tweeted: "It MUST be strictly regulated specifically *trolling, as said by Saira. Trollers must be banned starting two years then 10 years then for life."

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