Jane McDonald’s huge career decision after ex-husband ‘left her with nothing’

She did the right thing.

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Jane McDonald was once forced to make a huge career decision after her ex-husband left her with ‘nothing’.

The star, 58, is back on our screens with Cruising with Jane McDonald on Channel 5 this lunchtime.

She’s also a BAFTA-winning former Loose Woman panelist.

What happened with Jane McDonald and ex-husband Henrik?

When her autobiography, Riding the Waves: My Story, was released in 2019 it was serialised by The Mirror.

Jane McDonald is pictured leaving the ITV studios after co-presenting the Loose Women show (Credit

Henrik and Jane met on a cruise ship where she was singing and he worked as a plumber.

They married in 1998 in the Caribbean, and it was televised for BBC.

Soon afterwards Jane handed the business side of her career over to her husband.

But it didn’t help their marriage.

Henrik had loved me once but I could see in his eyes that he didn’t any more.

Jane explained: “Your manager is your boss and tells you what to do, what to wear and who to be, so our relationship changed.

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“I loved him with all my heart, but felt he’d stopped looking at me as a wife. I became a product. I couldn’t flourish in a relationship like this.

“Arguments were not only between manager and artist, but also husband and wife.

“The lines were too blurred. I was a slightly overweight Northern woman in her 30s but the stylists wanted me to be classier. ‘Cut your hair, lose weight, stop talking, put your arms away’.”

Jane McDonald’s divorce

Things grew worse still when Jane was dropped from her record label.

Despite her previous success in television, Jane realised she had barely any money left.

Brave Jane soon made the decision to fire husband Henrik.

“My work had dried up and it felt as if the whole industry had turned their backs on us.

“Henrik had loved me once but I could see in his eyes that he didn’t any more.

“He wanted to go back to America and live his life and I loved him enough to let him.”

Today, Jane is reported to be worth £4.5 million.

Jane and Eddie after rekindling their romance 13 years ago (Credit YouTube)

Last year she announced her fiancé Eddie Rothe had died following a battle with lung cancer.

They dated in their twenties and rekindled their romance 13 years ago.

Cruising with Jane McDonald

Bubbly Jane is back on screens with a rerun of Channel 5’s Cruising with Jane McDonald.

The travel show launched in 2017 and is in its sixth series.

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It sees her board cruise ships and explore different parts of the world.

Episode 1 of the new series sees Jane uncover a little-known cruise route in the Great Lakes of America and Canada.

Cruising with Jane Mcdonald is on today (Saturday, January 22) at 1.20pm on Channel 5.

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