Jamie Vardy has a nasty surprise waiting for Becky after I’m A Celeb

The WAG isn't going to be happy about this!

Jamie Vardy may find himself in a spot of trouble when wife Becky returns home!

The footballer, 30, has sheepishly admitted he voted FIVE TIMES for Becky, 35, to do last night’s I’m A Celebrity eating challenge.

Oh dear!

After watching his wife complete the vile Bushtucker Trial, Jamie confessed: “I voted for her 5 times on the app to do the eating trial. Sorry babe just wanted everyone to see that you’re fearless & you proved me right.”

Twitter @Vardy7
Jamie’s gonna be in trouble! (Credit: Twitter @Vardy7)

Now, you think Jamie would have done the sensible thing and kept quiet about that little fact but instead he chose to broadcast it all over Twitter.

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So he has no-one to blame but himself if Becky’s mad!

And that’s quite a high possibility given she had warned before the trial: “If my husband has voted for me to do this he is in so much trouble when he gets home!”

Run for cover, Jamie!

Jamie voted five times for Becky to do the trial (Credit: FameFlynet)

He left slip his secret after Becky and Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo, 23, totally smashed the Bushtucker Trial by chomping on delights like sheep anus, bull’s penis and ostrich foot.

Whether he’d have ‘fessed up if Becky had failed remains to be seen…

One fan joked: “Hope you’re gonna be fearless when she finds out!!!!”

Another told him: “Be careful Vards, she will get her own back when she returns!”

You’ve been warned, Jamie! (Credit: Twitter)

Becky did herself proud with the trial, forcing down disgusting things like stench onion soup – fermented duck’s egg – cockroaches, mealworms, crickets and a sheep’s anus.

She and Toff successfully brought home eight stars, meaning for the first time since the show began, all the campers went to bed with a full stomach.

Go, Becky and Toff!

Becky and Toff smashed it! (Credit: ITV)

The camp were, obviously, thrilled with their success.

Shappi said: “They were describing all the things they had to eat and I’m so happy I never got that one because it was making me feel so sick hearing what they had to eat.”

I’m A Celebrity continues at 9pm on ITV.