Jamie Lomas speaks out as Iain Lee backtracks on ‘bullying’ denial

It's all a bit messy, isn't it?

Jamie Lomas has had enough of discussing those ‘bullying’ allegations on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.

The former soap star was among a group of campmates accused of treating fellow contestant Iain Lee unfairly in the jungle, although they’ve all denied it.

Appearing on Loose Women on Monday, it was clear ex Hollyoaks actor Jamie didn’t want to discuss it.

Many viewers felt Iain was ‘bullied’ in the jungle (Credit: ITV)

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It was Saira Khan who brought the subject up, saying: “Let’s get to the nitty gritty. When you say you’re all really good mates, are you all really good mates? There were some people who quite frankly caused a bit of tension.

“Yeah, okay,” replied Jamie.

Saira continued: “I know you want to get over it and we don’t want to talk about it loads, but the bullying thing, all that. What we saw, to what you experienced, do you think it weighs up?”

Saira brought up the bullying allegations (Credit: ITV)

Jamie replied: “It’s absolute nonsense. You see an hour a day, edited, and we were there for 24 hours a day. People are entitled to have an opinion.

“And Iain has come out and rubbished the rumours. It needs to move on from that now.”

That was a reference to Iain’s post-jungle interview with I’m A Celeb’s Coming Out show, in which he said: “There was no bullying going on. Let’s quash this rumour once and for all.

“Bullying is a very serious thing. It’s a huge word. There was no bullying whatsoever.”

Jamie called ‘bullying’ claims ‘nonsense’ (Credit: ITV)

Jamie continued: “Becky [Vardy], Amir [Khan] and Dennis [Wise] – and Iain – are the nicest people you’ll ever wish to meet. I wish it would go away now. Bullying is such a strong word. If you look it up in the English dictionary, what it actually means… people are entitled to have an opinion.”

He also said he hasn’t watched back any of the show.

Stacey Solomon then read out Iain’s comments from the Coming Out show where he quashed the ‘bullying’ allegations – but didn’t mention Iain’s subsequent tweets after the show aired.

Iain pictured with Amir in camp (Credit: ITV)

After watching some of I’m A Celebrity back, it seemed Iain was having second thoughts about previous comments.

He responded to a thank you message from Becky for quashing the ‘bullying’ allegations by saying: “I hadn’t seen the comments made behind my back or the ones made by some camp mates when they left. I still suggest the word bullying is too strong. But.”

A similar tweet from Dennis, thanking Iain for clearing everything up, elicited the response: “Bullying is a strong word. But I was unaware of a lot of what was said behind my back and also what some people said about me after they’d left.”

A later tweet from Iain read: “I’ve only watched a few clips of the show. The trials were exhilarating. Other bits made me sad and were very confusing. Probably won’t watch the rest. Still, it was a mainly positive experience despite everything. Glad I did it.”

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He also told fans: “Thanks again for your support. May I ask that you please don’t send abuse to people? Whatever you may think of them, please be civil.”

What a gent.