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James Nesbitt on Line Of Duty: Has he had a hair transplant and will he be back in Bloodlands?

A shock appearance from the much-loved actor

James Nesbitt appeared on Line Of Duty tonight (Sunday April 18).

The 56-year-old Northern Irish actor has starred in a string of hits, including Bloodlands, The Missing, Cold Feet and, on the big screen, The Hobbit.

And now he can add the hit BBC crime drama to his already impressive list of work.

Here’s everything you need to know on the actor…

James appeared on Line Of Duty as Marcus Thurwell (Credit: BBC)

Who does James Nesbitt play in Line Of Duty?

Line Of Duty fans jumped out of their seats when they saw James’s photograph in episode five tonight (Sunday April 18).

In the show, James plays bent copper Marcus Thurwell, who is connected to all sorts of past crimes.

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The Gail Vella murder, the Sands View sex abuse scandal and the murder of young black man Lawrence Christopher all had Thurwell’s figurative fingerprints on them.

James Nesbitt had a hair transplant
James did have a hair transplant (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Has Line Of Duty star James had a hair transplant?

In Line Of Duty, the photograph of James showed him with a full head of hair.

But that hasn’t always been the case.

James admitted that he had undergone hair transplant procedures for a “number of years”.

“I was very happy to be open about it,” he said.

It was something I struggled with. And that was probably the vanity in me.

“I just thought, ‘Come on, somebody is going to say it before I say it’.”.

“It was something I struggled with. And that was probably the vanity in me.

“But also career-wise it had an impact: in terms of the range of leading roles I’ve had since then, it’s probably helped.”

It was reported that, in 2019, he had his sixth hair transplant procedure.

James Nesbitt and ex-wife Sophia
James and Sophia in happier times (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Is James married?

James split from his wife of 22 years, Sonia Forbes Adam, in 2016.

During their marriage, they had two daughters – Peggy and Mary.

He opened up about the split some months later to the Radio Times.

“I certainly regret things, but I’m also aware that I can’t change them,” he said.

“You can try to learn from it. I regret any pain that was caused.

“I think separating has an impact because you look at why it happened and you see mistakes that were made.

“I’m lucky enough to be able to look back at stuff and say, ‘Oh well that was then, I’ve had a good lash at that, and this is now’.”

BBC One has renewed Bloodlands for a second series
Bloodlands will be back for a second series (Credit: BBC)

Will there be another series of Bloodlands?

Viewers last saw James in another BBC crime drama – Bloodlands.

Executively produced by Line Of Duty’s Jed Mercurio, it told the story of a serial killer from the 1990s who had seemingly struck again.

The show was a hit with viewers and has been renewed for a second series.

James said: “I’m thrilled that viewers responded to Bloodlands so positively and that we will be returning for a second series.

“I’m always happy to be back in Northern Ireland and to reveal even more about Tom Brannick.”

Cold Feet series 8
Cold Feet will return… (Credit: ITV1)

Is there another series of Cold Feet?

James really made his name in ITV comedy-drama, Cold Feet.

He starred alongside the likes of Fay Ripley, John Thomson, Robert Bathurst and Hermione Norris in the series.

After the ninth series in 2020, creator Mike Bullen told fans that the show would take another break.

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In a statement, he said: “We feel we’ve explored to our satisfaction the issues confronting the characters at this stage of their lives and we want to give them all a little time to move on, to put clear water between the stories we’ve told thus far and the issues they’ll be exploring when they are empty-nesters staring down the barrel of grandparenthood.

“We’re looking forward to returning at a later date to document the agony and the ecstasy of the third age.”

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