James Martin on This Morning

James Martin divides This Morning viewers with ‘out of touch’ recipe

The celebrity chef shared the complex Pizza Express recipe

James Martin was criticised by This Morning viewers for his complicated margarita recipe needing specialist tomatoes from Italy.

The recipe also required a pizza oven which not many people have at home.

James Martin made pizzas on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

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What was James making on This Morning?

The celebrity chef was on the programme demonstrating how to make a Pizza Express version of a margarita.

However, many said James was ‘out of touch’ during the coronavirus crisis.

James revealed the ingredients included tomatoes from Italy that can only be bought online and a specific type of mozarella cheese.

The recipe used a specific type of tomatoes from Italy, available online (Credit: ITV)

He recommended the margarita pizza was cooked in a specialist pizza oven.

However, it could be cooked on an outdoor barbecue.

The margarita certainly looked delicious but unimpressed viewers took to Twitter to criticise the complicated recipe.

What did viewers say?

“I’d gladly make that if I had a purpose built, rustic pizza oven at home,” a viewer tweeted.

“Will definitely fire up the wood fired pizza oven I have in my flat to do this immediately,” someone else joked.

In addition, someone else said: “Thanks James Martin.

“I’ll just pop that in my pizza oven in my garden after I’ve been shopping for those tomatoes!”

James Martin on This Morning
James recommended viewers use a pizza oven (Credit: ITV)

“James Martin is so out of touch with the British public, it’s unreal,” a viewer slammed the chef.

“Sure, global pandemic but why not buy a big bit of stone and tinned tomatoes from Italy?

“I’m sure the delivery drivers will be happy to put themselves at risk for you to have your poncy pizza.”

Last week, James was slammed for binning a plate of food when a recipe he was demonstrating on the show went wrong.

What did they say?

Meanwhile, one viewer tweeted: “Couldn’t get any eggs in my local Asda yesterday.

“Nice to see James Martin tipping a couple on the floor on This Morning.”

Despite upsetting people on This Morning, James has been trying his best to help people during the coronavirus crisis.

James helping his village

The Saturday Kitchen presenter made pasta for his entire village, leaving outside his house for people to take what they needed.

“I grabbed whatever eggs I could, whatever flour I could and whatever semolina I could.

“I thought rather than just deliver bags of flour, I’d transform it into stuff,” he explained.

Meanwhile, James also helped a care home get a pile of essentials after seeing their plea for help on Facebook.

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