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James Martin issues statement to fans after fighting back tears on Saturday Morning

The TV chef became emotional over film of a late friend

James Martin fought back tears on today’s edition of his Saturday Morning show.

He has since apologised to fans for getting emotional and explained what happened.

James Martin is emotional on Saturday morning
It was clearly hard for James (Credit: ITV)

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What happened on Saturday Morning?

James’s show featured a section where he travelled to the home of the late Michel Roux Snr.

It was during this that James became tearful.

He introduced the section: “It’s time to take a look back at one of my food adventures.

“Now this week is pretty special.

“This week I’m heading to St Tropez to the home of one of the greatest chefs the world has ever, ever know. The late, great Michele Roux Senior.”

James was clearly beginning to struggle with his emotions as he continued the introduction.

James Martin and Michel Roux Snr laugh
James and Michel were very close (Credit: ITV)

Emotional James struggles

The chef’s eyes were going red as he continued.

“Throughout my career I’ve done 30 years cooking on TV, I’ve cooked in all corners of the globe, I’ve been very privileged to do that. But if there was one moment, one moment I could pick the greatest moment of my life, it’s this.”

The show then featured James heading to Michel’s home and cooking with him before cooking pancakes for him.

Their close relationship was clear to see on camera as the men joked and laughed together with much warmth.

After the section had aired, the camera cut back to James who was wiping away tears.

“It’s not usual I go on TV, but that was pretty special,” he said.

“Absolute legend, absolute legend.”

James then quickly composed himself and continued with the show.

James Martin wipes away a tear on Saturday Morning
James wiped away a tear as he came back to the show (Credit: ITV)

What did James Martin say about his tears?

Taking to Twitter at the end of the episode, James issued an apology to fans.

“Sorry I got a bit emotional on James Martin’s Saturday Morning show.

“Michel Roux Snr was like a father figure to me and that day in France was one of the greatest in my life,” he wrote.

Fans were quick to reassure James he had absolutely nothing to apologise for.

“No apology needed, he was a such special man to you,” said one.

Another agreed: “Don’t be sorry for having a heart, that’s why so many people like myself like you.”

“NEVER apologise for displaying emotion. We never apologise for being happy, why should we when we are sad?” said a third.

“No reason to apologise – there are some people that definitely leave a special imprint on our hearts and he was clearly one of them for you,” added a fourth.

Michel Roux Snr smiles
Michel Roux Snr was a world famous chef (Credit: ITV)

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Who was Michel Roux Snr?

Michel Roux Snr was a highly acclaimed French chef who lived and worked in the UK.

He also appeared on various TV programmes throughout his career including MasterChef: The Professionals and Saturday Kitchen.

Michel died on March 11 2020 aged 78.

James Martin’s Saturday Morning airs on ITV at 9.25am on Saturdays.

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