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James Martin gets ‘so much grief’ from ITV for drinking on his Saturday Morning show

He'll be in trouble after today's show!

James Martin has today (April 11) admitted he’s been scolded by ITV for drinking on his Saturday Morning cooking show.

The chef’s Saturday Morning show was pulled yesterday for coverage of the death of Prince Philip.

And viewers were delighted to see the episode – which featured Wet Wet Wet hunk Marti Pellow as a special guest – on our screens this morning.

However, it appeared one particular dish got James in a bit of a tizzy – and he had to reach for the wine.

James Martin saturday morning
James Martin was on our screens today with his Saturday Morning show (Credit: ITV)

What did James Martin say on the show today?

Reaching for a glass of chilled white wine, James revealed that ITV gives him “so much grief” for drinking on the show.

He said: “ITV give me so much grief for having a drink at this time in the morning.”

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The show aired today at 9.30am.

However, it is pre-recorded, so it may not even be morning when James actually films the show.

Nonetheless, at the end of a “stressful” omelette cooking segment, James reached not only for the glass, but an entire bottle.

“I need another bottle,” he quipped as he walked off set clutching his empty wine glass.

James Martin drinking wine
The chef had a glass of wine on hand during filming (Credit: ITV)

What did Saturday Morning viewers say about James Martin?

Viewers also found the recipe stressful, it seems.

“That omelette caused me stress,” said one.

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Another quipped that James was looking “more and more drunk” as she show progressed.

Is it appropriate for #jamesmartin to drink glasses of wine on Saturday morning?

“@jamesmartinchef causally looking more and more drunk as Saturday Morning progresses,” joked one viewer.

Marti Pellow on james martin
Marti Pellow appeared alongside James Martin on the show today (Credit: ITV)

‘James is my spirit animal’

It’s not the first time the chef has been called out for his drinking on the show.

Viewers have picked up on it before.

However, while some asked if it was “appropriate” to be drinking at that time in the morning, others called James their “spirit animal”.

“Is it appropriate for #jamesmartin to drink glasses of wine on Saturday morning?” one tweeted.

“I swear @jamesmartinchef is my spirit animal. A drink next to him in every shot and every dish he cooks,” said another.

A third pondered: “How does #jamesmartin drink wine at this time of the day?!”

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