james argent weight loss

James Argent reveals the secrets behind his dramatic 13 stone weight loss

The former TOWIE star says he's hoping to put some weight BACK on

James Argent has revealed how he’s managed his dramatic 13 stone weight loss.

At the age of 34, the TOWIE star weighed 27 stone after packing on 10 stone from years of yo-yo dieting and bad habits.

He revealed that he’d start the day with a full English breakfast, then throughout the day he’d enjoy fizzy drinks, chocolate, chewy sweets and crisps.

James told The Mirror. “For lunch and dinner, I’d have takeaways. I was bingeing on bad food from the moment I woke up.”

But then a shock to the system arrived during a routine visit to the doctor.

James Argent weight loss
James Argent has opened up about his weight loss secrets (Credit: Instagram)

His GP told him that he was in a precarious position. With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, he warned that if James cause the virus he could die.

As a result, he decided to take drastic action. In April 2021, James got gastric band surgery which cost him £10,000.

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The surgery involved having 70% of his stomach removed so he can restrict the amount of food he eats.

James Argent on his new diet and whopping weight loss

Following the op, his diet has completely changed.

James explained that for lunch he has chicken or fish salad, or a multigrain soup.

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Dinner can be anything from a small portion of his mum’s chilli, paella or pasta.

In terms of snacks, he’s ditched the chocolate for nuts or popcorn.

“I can digest most things but I have to eat food the size of a 20p, chew it for 20 seconds, wait for 20 seconds and do that again so I don’t get sick,” he explained.

Despite his strict routine, James revealed that he has messed up sometimes and eaten too quickly, causing him extreme pain.

James Argent weight loss
James was warned by doctors that his life was in danger (Credit: SplashNews.com)

TOWIE star now wants to put weight ON!

His weight loss has gone so well in fact, too well, that Arg is planning to try and gain some back.

After doctors expressed concern, he added: “I’ve lost a little bit more than what I wanted to, so I want to get more toned, bulk up a little bit and maybe even put on half a stone.”

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