Jack P Shepherd reveals the real reason his Coronation Street character David Platt sleeps with Emma

David moves super fast with the newcomer

Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd has opened up about the reasons his character embarks on an affair with Street newcomer Emma – explaining “she distracts him from his demons”.

The 30-year-old actor even reveals that David ends up asking the salon apprentice to move in with him.

David moves super quick with salon apprentice Emma (Credit: ITV)

In scenes to air next week, David sleeps with the young hairdresser and surprises everyone when he asks her to move in with him – now that is fast work!

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However, we all know that Josh’s disgusting sexual assault is behind David’s erratic behaviour. He’s pushed away ex-girlfriend Shona, who genuinely cares about him, in favour of a new girl who (hopefully) won’t ask too many questions…

Gail doesn’t try very hard to hide her disapproval (Credit: ITV)
Perhaps more shocking is that Emma was only one year above Bethany at school… Something that doesn’t go unnoticed by David’s disapproving mum Gail.

When Emma first arrives at Audrey’s hair salon, her very presence seems to irritate David – who is still struggling to come to terms with his sexual assault at the hands of rapist Josh.

In an interview with the Radio Times, Jack explains: “David doesn’t want her at the salon – she never shuts up, she’s young, she talks all the time. But one day, he just looks at her, decides to make a play for her and takes her home to bed.”

At first, David is immensely irritated by Emma (Credit: ITV)

Jack confirms that he sleeps with Emma to prove something to himself, adding: “Yes, absolutely. And to Josh too. David is trying to prove that he’s the real man and that he can pull this young girl, which means that Josh is wrong about him.”

In scenes to be shown on Monday 23 April, David will close the salon early and invite Emma to Number Eight for a beer – and things very quickly progress.

But why does David ask Emma to move in after a one-night stand?

“It’s because she’s a distraction,” explains Jack. “She’s like a little toy that distracts him from facing his demons. While she’s there rabbiting on, he can’t get a word in edgeways, so he doesn’t have to have conversations.”

Shona has been left out in the cold (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Shona is left devastated and bewildered by David’s sudden behaviour u-turn.

Jack explains: “He’s doing this to push Shona away a bit more. The kids miss Shona and are trying to see her. But this is David sending a signal that he has a new girlfriend and has moved on.”

The actor also adds that things will only get better for his character once he’s come clean about the attack and Josh faces justice.

But will he ever admit the truth – and how dark will his days become before then?

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