ITV viewers demand the return of Lingo as they declare Tenable ‘awful’ and ‘boring’

Look away now, Warwick…

ITV viewers appear to have had enough of 3pm gameshow Tenable.

Hosted by Warwick Davis, it returned last week in place of Adil Ray‘s new word game Lingo.

However, after today’s episode (March 1) of Tenable, it appears there’s quite the social media campaign to “bring back Lingo”.

Warwick Davis on tenable
Viewers have branded Tenable so ‘boring’ (Credit: ITV)

What did viewers say about today’s Tenable?

Although the team walked away with £6,000, that wasn’t enough excitement for a lot of viewers.

In fact, one branded the contestants today the “dullest team ever”.

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Another said: “A funeral is more fun than today’s #Tenable.”

The tweet was liked seven times and one person replied: “Today’s episode was so boring.”

adil ray on lingo
Many said they wanted to see the return of Adil Ray’s Lingo (Credit: ITV)

‘Bring back Lingo!’

Others, however, went one step further, and called for the return of new gameshow Lingo, which is hosted by Good Morning Britain star Adil.

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One bemoaned the fact that the questions on today’s Tenable were too easy.

Then, they declared: “Bring back Lingo.”

And it appears that they aren’t the only viewer to call for the return of the word-based quiz show.

contestant on tenable
Some said the questions were too easy on Tenable (Credit: ITV)

Last week, others took to Twitter calling for the same.

Ridiculously easy question. Please bring back Lingo! #tenable is getting worse,” said one.

Sorry but #tenable is simply no #lingo. Decent quiz but absolutely no banter, fun or cult status whatsoever. Sort it out ITV,” another commented.

“Bring back Lingo,” said another.

Where tf is #lingo?! Why is that god awful #tenable back?!

“I miss Lingo,” said another.

Where tf is #lingo?! Why is that god awful #tenable back?!” said another.

Surely ITV powers-that-be monitoring twitter will know that #lingo is much more popular than #tenable just by the number of tweets #bringbacklingo,” declared another.

It wasn’t all bad news for Tenable, though

However, some very much want Tenable to stick around, and said as much on Twitter.

Seeing people say they prefer #lingo to #tenable is making me angry,” they said, posting a gif of a growing dog.

contestant on lingo
Applications are open for series two of Lingo (Credit: ITV)

Is Lingo coming back for series two?

Lingo has actually been confirmed for a second series.

As such, host Adil Ray will be back with 60 new episodes.

ITV revealed Lingo averaged just under 2 million viewers on its first week on air, making it the best launch of a game show in the 3pm time slot since 2002.

If you’re a real superfan, why not apply to be on the new series here? Applications close on Friday (March 5).

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