Gyles Brandreth looking smug

This Morning fans wade in as Gyles Brandreth tells victim of sexual harassment: ‘Get a grip’

Calling someone bald IS sexual harassment, it has been ruled

ITV show This Morning proved to be quite the talking point on Twitter today (May 13) after a discussion about sexual harassment.

Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary hosted the show.

But it was when they welcomed guests Gyles Brandreth and Nick Ferrari that sparks started to fly on social media.

Gyles Brandreth looking smug on This Morning
Gyles Brandreth told a victim of sexual harassment to ‘get a grip’ on This Morning today (Credit : ITV)

What happened on This Morning today?

Gyles was seen discussing a recent sexual harassment ruling.

It came after electrician Tony Finn complained about being called a “bald [bleep]” and took his company to a tribunal.

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He claimed he had been a victim of sexual harassment, due to comments made about his lack of hair.

It was ruled that as hair loss is far more common among men than women, the insult counted as a form of discrimination.

Gyles Brandreth in a red wig looking crazy
Gyles donned a red wig as he made his point on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

‘Get a life!’

Gyles didn’t react well to the news, donning a bright red wig and insisting people needed to “get a life”.

“No!” he yelled. “Get a grip! Get a life!

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“A lot of us are bald, I just have to live it! Of course, I don’t like living with it,” he laughed as he put the wig on.

“But really, we have got to get a grip haven’t we?”

A lot of us are bald, I just have to live it!

Gyles also called on people to be “more resilient” and learn to take some things “on the chin”.

“What’s wrong with being bald?! What’s wrong with being follically challenged?

“I think we’ve got to become more resilient and robust… As a rule, I think we’ve got to take it a little bit more on the chin than we do.”

ITV viewers wade in over This Morning debate

The subject matter came under fire from disgruntled viewers on Twitter, with many taking to the social network to comment.

One said: “Some idiot man is suing a work colleague for sexual harassment after they called him a bald [bleep]. Calling someone bald is sexual harassment? Oh for the love of God!”

A second fumed: “Obviously don’t know what sexual harassment is!”

“How can calling baldemorte be classed sexual harassment?!” said another.

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