What are the latest fan theories for ITV series Viewpoint?

ITV series Viewpoint: Viewers have already decided who the killer is

The mystery deepens...

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ITV series Viewpoint continued last night (Tuesday April 27) with its second episode, and viewers have begun to formulate their own theories.

So much so, that they’re convinced they know what happened to schoolteacher Gemma Hillman.

Here’s everything you need to know about last night’s episode and the latest fan theories.

Zoe in Viewpoint lead the fan theories
Zoe displayed some off behaviour in last night’s episode (Credit: ITV)

What happened in last night’s episode of ITV series Viewpoint?

The mystery deepened considerably in episode two.

Surveillance expert DC Martin Young observed prime suspect Greg Sullivan find a duffle bag stuffed full of cash and a fake passport with Gemma’s photo on it.

But subsequent investigation revealed that it wasn’t Greg’s stash – it was Gemma’s, and she had been involved in a money-laundering scam.

Attention also turned to next-door neighbours, the Tuckmans.

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With Carl – and his wife Kate – looking less like the perfect couple with every episode, they look as though they’re involved in dodgy dealings, too.

And then there’s Zoe.

Keen to get increasingly involved in the surveillance operation, viewers saw her carry out her own spying mission.

It seems she can’t get enough of the Tuckmans either.

Is Zoe involved in Gemma’s disappearance?

Initially, viewers took to Twitter to voice their theories.

And they all centred on Zoe to begin with.

One viewer wrote: “I think Zoe has an obsession with her neighbours! Something just isn’t quite right AND she literally just spied on them having sex…”

Another said: “Oh damn, is Zoe in love with Carl aka the Spanish guy?”

Oh damn, is Zoe in love with Carl aka the Spanish guy?

A third came up with a very juicy theory.

“#Viewpoint the body is surely hidden in Zoe’s neighbours flat, who spends 6 months a year in Cape Town,” the viewer said.

“That’s why Zoe did not tell Martin there was a back entrance and her daughter had to.”

One viewer just came out and said it: “I don’t even think Greg did it, it’s dodgy Zoe.”

What about Carl and Kate Tuckman?

Attention then turned to the Tuckmans next door.

Carl looked as though he was into something dodgy, while Kate – busy organising the vigils and making the ‘Find Gemma’ t-shirts – acted strangely at home.

One viewer theorised: “Gemma and the man next door were having an affair, that’s why Greg’s suspicious of Gemma’s whereabouts.

“Kate, the man’s wife, knows and doesn’t like Gemma but can’t tell anyone about it and Zoe knows all of this and knows what happened to Gemma and it’s in her pad.”

Our five questions after episode one of Viewpoint
Are the Tuckmans dodgy? (Credit: ITV)

Another viewer said: “So Gemma had an affair with the neighbour’s husband and they were going to run away together, that’s why she has all the money in the bag and passport.

“Also the neighbour’s wife knows, that’s why she’s trying to get pregnant to trap him.

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“Also Zoe knows from Gemma.”

Episode three of Viewpoint is on ITV tonight (Wednesday April 28) at 9pm.

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