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ITV game show Lingo divides viewers as some brand it ‘dreadful’

It's presented by Good Morning Britain favourite Adil Ray

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Lingo, the new game show fronted by GMB host Adil Ray, divided viewers as it launched this afternoon.

On Friday (January 1), ITV aired the first episode of the programme, which sees three pairs of contestants trying to work out words appearing in Lingo grids and ‘Puzzlewords’

Lingo started on ITV this afternoon (Credit: Objective Media Gp North/ITV)

What happens in the TV show Lingo?

Across three rounds, two pairs are eliminated to leave one duo, who then take on a nail-biting final round.

The show’s Lingo computer gives them the first letter of words of different lengths. If they correctly guess them, they bank cash and raise their potential winnings.

Show contestants Paul and Sue (Credit: Objective Media Gp North/ITV)

The end of the show means the final couple can win all the money they have banked so far – and even double their prize pot.

However, just as in shows like The Chase and Tipping Point, everything can go wrong at the final hurdle and the hopefuls are at risk of leaving empty handed.

Adil Ray is the host of the new ITV game show (Credit: Objective Media Gp North/ITV)

What did viewers think of ITV’s Lingo?

The programme divided viewers at home, with some calling it a “painfest”.

On Twitter, one viewer said: “@ITV my god, how did you think #lingo was a good idea? Absolutely dreadful.”

A second wrote: “New Year’s resolution. Never watch another episode of #Lingo.”

My god, how did you think Lingo was a good idea?

A third said: “Can we please have Tipping Point back to its normal slot as a reward for watching this painfest #lingo?”

“The best thing about Lingo is the end #lingo,” tweeted a fourth.

Others said they felt “traumatised”, or turned it off before it had finished.

‘Brilliant’ Lingo has viewers ‘shouting at their screens’

However, some loved the game show Lingo, as one tweeted: “@adilray #lingo had me shouting at my TV! Brilliant!”

Another wrote: “@adilray #lingo is looking like another great quiz addition to @ITV #teatimes! Nice one!”

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