Love Island

ITV IS planning a winter Love Island – with a twist

A show to warm up our chilly winters

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Imagine a mix between Love Island and I’m A Celebrity. Well, you won’t have to for long because it’s about to become reality.

ITV bosses were blown away by the success of this summer’s Love Island which trounced its main rival Big Brother in the ratings war, and now they want another bite of the cherry.

New show, Survival Of The Fittest will be set in South Africa rather than Love Island’s Mallorca but the two will still have lots in common.

ITV2 want some of this love action before next summer (Credit: ITV)

There’ll be a group of young, hot singletons living and gossiping together in a smart, sunny villa and of course, they’ll be competing for a cash prize.

But how could producers make the tried and tested format even more thrilling?

They know what they’re doing, and after all the king of reality shows, I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! is obvious inspiration.

With that in mind, bosses are introducing tough physical challenges and throwing in a battle of the sexes to boot.

Don’t worry though, as well as the sweat of competition, there’ll still be the sweat of passion and romance, as the boys and girls will still be expected to find ‘love’.

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It’ll be fascinating to watch the two teams compete against each other in gruelling challenges, at the same time as they compete for partners. It could get very messy.

As the competition really hots up though, it promises to pose some tricky decisions for the cast, who’ll have to decide whether a date with the enemy is such a good idea.

Imagine two of the girls wanting to get with a guy, falling out as always, but still having to work together as a team.

Hot Love Island star, Chloe Crowhurst hinted the show would be back for the chilly season earlier this month so we’ve all been waiting for more of the same.

Chloe let slip the show at a PA recently (Credit: ITV)

Chloe, 21, had been showing off her TV presenting skills on This Morning, when she slipped up and revealed (by mistake of course) to The Sun that she’d likely be going back on the show in what she called a ‘winter Love Island.’

Her slip up came at Essex hot spot La Sala, where she was doing a live personal appearance along with former Love Island stars, Nathan Massey and Scott Thomas.

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She said: “I love doing This Morning and they loved having me.

“There might be something with me coming back as their reporter for Winter Love Island.”

She added: “I’d love to be a presenter on the Winter Love Island series as well – which might work out… Let’s see.”

Watch out Caroline Flack!

Series three of Love Island had huge ratings, hitting around three million at its height, with struggling Big Brother reaching a record low in the hundreds of thousands.