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It’s A Sin star Stephen Fry arrived in London the same year as HIV and AIDS in 1981

The comedian says he wept when he read the script...

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Stephen Fry appears in the new Channel 4 drama It’s A Sin.

The five-part series, penned by Russell T Davies, explores the AIDS epidemic in London in the 1980s through the eyes of three male friends.

Read on to find out about Stephen’s role in the series, what he’s said about his own sexuality and more below…

Who does Stephen Fry play in It’s A Sin?

Stephen plays fictional Tory MP Arthur Garrison in It’s A Sin.

Arthur is shown as eager to impress his idol, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

However, he is also desperate to hide his sexuality from both the PM and his colleagues.

stephen fry in 2021
Stephen plays a Tory MP in It’s A Sin (Credit: SplashNews)

Stephen said he shed tears when he first read the script for the new Channel 4 drama.

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Speaking to The Mirror, he said: “I read the script through walls of tears, I just saw all the faces of all these dead friends, the parents, the whole broken promise of it.

“It’s incredible bad luck that just at the time the gay community was beginning to find confidence and joy and freedom and pride, it should be dealt this staggeringly cruel blow.”

When did Stephen Fry come out as gay?

Stephen Fry, now 63, has not specified the exact age he came out as a gay man.

However, he has said in past interviews that he was aware he was gay while still a young child.

He famously quipped: “I suppose it all began when I came out of the womb. I looked back up at my mother and thought to myself, that’s the last time I’m going up one of those.”

stephen fry in it's a sin
Stephen was celibate for years (Credit: SplashNews)

He has previously said he maintained celibacy from the years of 1979 and 1995.

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He said he chose to be celibate because he wasn’t always comfortable with the 80s and 90s gay scenes – and was waiting it out until he found true love.

But when he infamously walked out of his play Cell Mates in 1995, he says this helped shake him out of his dry spell.

Speaking to the Evening Standard in 2010, he explained: “I don’t regret the celibacy, no. I regret little in my life. I think the Cell Mates incident [walking out of a play] focused me out of it.

“Celibacy is just one of things that the Mozzer [Morrissey] and I have in common.”

What has Stephen Fry said about the 1980s’ gay scene?

Stephen has said he did not feel accepted in the 1980s gay scene, especially regarding the night life.

Speaking to the Homo Sapiens podcast, he said he didn’t feel accepted, and experienced severe loneliness during these years.

He said: “I always hated what was called ‘the scene’ when I arrived in London – I arrived in London at a bad time for any gay person, in 1981 during the HIV virus.”

stephen fry on channel 4
Stephen as MP Arthur Garrison (Credit: Channel 4)

Before explaining: “And I didn’t mind the little old pub but the look up and down sweeping eyes as you walk into a club and, in my case, the look up and down and the quick turn away. I’m such an undesirable person. I’m as far from cute as it’s possible to be.

“Not that I particularly wanted to be… also I just don’t like dance places, I like talking.”

Is Stephen Fry married? Does he have any kids?

Stephen Fry has been married to Elliott Spencer, 33, since 2010.

Elliott is a stand-up comedian. They have not had any children together.

But Stephen has hinted that he would like to have children with his husband.

He said on Desert Island Discs: “I suddenly think, ‘Oh my goodness I’m such an age now’, but actually that’s rather good, but we better get on with it if we do.”

Stephen Fry with husband Elliott Spencer (Credit: SplashNews)

How to watch It’s A Sin on Channel 4

It’s A Sin on Channel 4 begins on January 21 at 9pm on Channel 4. The entire series will then be available to stream on All 4.

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