Sheridan Smith in Isolation Stories

Isolation Stories on ITV: Viewers home in on ‘huge’ mistake in new Sheridan Smith drama

An issue with the phone number

ITV viewers have spotted what could be a “huge” mistake in the plot of the first episode of Isolation Stories, the new drama starring Sheridan Smith.

The four-part show, which charts the different experiences of Brits living under lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic, got underway last night (Monday, May 4).

Cilla actress Sheridan starred in the first episode as pregnant singleton Mel.

Warning! Spoilers ahead.

Sheridan Smith in Isolation Stories
Sheridan Smith played Mel in Isolation Stories (Credit: ITV)

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Mel was struggling with life in lockdown. And a series of video messages revealed the difficult circumstances surrounding her pregnancy.

Viewers learned that the father of Mel’s unborn child had left her to go back to his wife, whom she didn’t know about at the time of their affair.

Filled with bitterness, she worried about her connection with the child.

Sheridan Smith in Isolation Stories
She got a call from a mystery woman after sending a video message to the wrong number (Credit: ITV)

What happened in the episode?

At one point in the programme – which is only on for 15 minutes per episode, each of which tells its own story – she looked up an old school friend’s phone number and left her a bitter video message.

The friend had put a childish ‘curse’ on Mel after an argument in their school days, saying she would end up alone – and it appeared to have come true.

Later that night, Mel got a call from a kind hearted stranger, who explained that Mel had send the video message to the wrong number.

Sheridan Smith in Isolation Stories
Viewers spotted an apparent blunder (Credit: ITV)

The caller comforted Mel and made her feel better about her pregnancy. But the call was cut off when the stranger’s abusive partner caught her on the phone.

Mel, distraught, tried to call her back – but found she couldn’t, because the number was withheld.

Way too clunky a plot hole.

Reacting to the scenes on Twitter, some viewers highlighted what appeared to a huge blunder.

They pointed out that, though the number was withheld, Mel could have easily checked what it was by looking back at her message history.

That’s because, only the day before, she had accidentally sent the woman the video rant.

What did viewers say?

One viewer said on Twitter: “#IsolationStories she would have had the abused woman’s number on her phone because she had rung her by accident the day before. Why didn’t she ring the police and get them to investigate? Very enjoyable but way too clunky a plot hole. Liked seeing Sheridan’s swanky gaff though!”

Another asked, alongside a GIF that read ‘Huge mistake’, “Why didn’t she just phone the original number back? She sent a video message to it!! #IsolationStories.”

Someone else said: “Even though the number was withheld, surely she could call back the number that was in the old phone book? That she has done in the first place and managed to send the video to? Anyway, confused. Feeling a little sad about it but still love Sheridan Smith #IsolationStories.”

A fourth tweeted, as a possible explanation: “Maybe because she’s preggo and sometimes you get a bit of brain fog, especially when the arrival is imminent.”

ED! contacted ITV for comment on this story.

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Aside from the apparent phone blunder, viewers heaped praise on Sheridan’s Smith’s performance in the lockdown drama, which they also admitted was somewhat depressing.

– Isolation Stories continues tonight (Tuesday, May 5) at 9pm on ITV. The first episode is available on ITV Hub now

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