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Is Kate Fleming dead in Line of Duty? ‘The main cast realise that it’s possible [they could die],’ warned Jed Mercurio

Creator was asked if he'd thought about killing off any of his leads

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Line of Duty viewers are reeling after a high-octane shoot-out at the end of episode five – is Kate Fleming dead?

One thing we know about show creator Jed Mercurio is he’s not afraid to kill off key characters.

Let’s not forget how he got rid of Keeley Hawes’ character Home Secretary Julia Montague in episode three of another of his big series, Bodyguard.

And Daniel Mays’ cop Danny Waldron – seemingly the lead guest of series three of Line of Duty – was bumped off early.

So viewers are right to be concerned about Kate’s fate.

is kate fleming from line of duty dead?
Was Kate shot by Ryan Pilkington? Line of Duty fave feared dead (Credit: BBC)

Was Kate Fleming from Line of Duty shot dead?

In fact, adding fuel to fears that she may be dead, ahead of this series, Jed spoke about the possibility of losing one of his three leads.

When asked if the thought of killing off Ted Hastings, Steve Arnott or Kate Fleming had crossed his mind, the writer gave a worrying answer.

“We all get on brilliantly,” he said. “But everybody knows that we’re serving something bigger than ourselves, which is Line of Duty.

“And one of the things about the show is that nobody’s safe.

“That’s what keeps the audience on the edge of their seat. So I know that it would be a sad day, but I think all the main cast realise that it’s possible.

“And you know, we’re mates, we talk about it, we joke about it. It’s something that no one would relish, but everybody would understand.”

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And Martin Compston warned fans of the smash-hit BBC drama that they could well need therapy after this latest episode…

Furthermore, executive producer Simon Heath admitted this season would feature moments that would “break the internet”.

Well, her potentially being shot tonight has achieved that, so let’s not jump to unnecessary conclusions too soon…

What happened to Kate in Line of Duty?

Kate was getting too close to discovering evidence linking the OCG with the death of journalist Gail Vella and the bungled robbery.

Jo Davidson was warned by the OCG that she needed to get rid of her. Jo reluctantly lured Kate to a lorry park, where she was waiting with Ryan Pilkington.

The bent coppers hadn’t relied on Kate sniffing out that something was awry and she pulled her gun on Pilkington after he came at her with his.

They both screamed ‘Drop your gun!’ at each other before two shots rang out. Who fired we don’t know…

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