Is EastEnders’ Vincent heading into a dangerous trap? Fans think so!

It's the beginning of the end for the soap character...

Vincent Hubbard has made a dodgy deal with the police – and EastEnders fans think it will be his downfall.

In fact, after BBC viewers were introduced to a shady new Detective last night (19 April), they think likeable rogue Vincent is heading into a trap…

Will Vincent Hubbard be leaving Walford in a taxi or a box? (Credit: BBC)

After getting into serious debt, the character (played by Richard Blackwood) chose the slippery path of becoming a police informant to save his family from being evicted.

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In recent weeks, we’ve seen him supplying them with information about the New Year robbery he was involved in – grassing up Aidan Maguire and Phil Mitchell in the process.

Up until now, he’s been dealing with DI Franklin. But new DCI Alsworth has appeared on the scene – and soap fans smelt a rat.

Is the new DCI the cause of Vincent’s downfall? (Credit: BBC)

The new officer insisted that Vincent would need to leave Albert Square ASAP if he wanted to keep his family safe from Phil and Aidan – sounds like sound advice, so far.

But fans think the DI is dodgy – as he appeared after Phil made a mystery phone call to an unknown person, saying: “I know I’m the last person you want to hear from but we’ve got a problem.”

Some presumed he was calling Aidan, while others even hoped he was calling Grant. But now some fans are convinced the new copper is bent – and working for the Irish villain.

Is he even a policeman?

He may be quite handsome, but is he dodgy? (Credit: BBC)

One soap fan tweeted: “I suspect that last minute replacement ‘DI’ came from the same place as ‘Savana’ the estate agent. Vincent is about to become a resident of the same landfill housing Fatboy and Patrick’s son.”

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Another tweeted: “Oh please. It is obvious this ‘policeman’ is something to do with Aidan. Vincent will get in a car and some hoodlum will turn around.”

A third agreed, writing: “This new copper isn’t a copper, he’s working for Aidan and they’ve got rid of the original one. That’s my theory.”

Can this many eagle-eyed EastEnders fans be wrong?

What we DO know for sure if that Vincent leaves VERY soon in dramatic scenes – possibly even tonight.

But whether he leaves in a taxi or a box remains to be seen…

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