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Intruder on Channel 5: Viewers brand crime drama ‘like an accidental comedy’ after episode two

Second chance didn't work out for many

Intruder on Channel 5 is supposed to be a tense four-part thriller, but after episode two it had the opposite effect.

Instead of being gripped, many viewers branded it “an accidental comedy”.

Sam in Channel 5 thriller Intruder
Some viewers actually laughed throughout Intruder episode two (Credit: Channel 5)

What is Intruder on Channel 5 all about?

The story follows Sam and Rebecca Hickey, who lead an idyllic life in their custom-built house on the coast.

But their lives are turned upside down when two teenagers break into their home, and Sam kills one of them.

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Desperate to conceal their crime, lies and deceit come to the fore and they spin a web of untruths to the police and family liaison officer.

However, despite the set-up, viewers thought it was so bad that they ended up laughing their way through it.

How did viewers react to the drama?

It didn’t take long for viewers to take to Twitter to express their surprise at how unintentionally funny the drama was.

One viewer wrote: “After [a] seven-day binge-fest on #LineOfDuty seasons 1-5 Channel 5’s #Intruder is simply hilarious.

“Assume it’s a comedy and not a drama. Hastings will be along to serve a Reg15 on Sally Lindsay before long.”

Another said: “Just catching up on tonight’s #Intruder… has it suddenly decided it wants to be a comedy?

Just catching up on tonight’s #Intruder… has it suddenly decided it wants to be a comedy?

“Of the ‘farce’ variety, obviously.

“It certainly isn’t ‘funny’. Only halfway through the episode and it’s losing me already. Shame… the premise was good.”

Finally, a third viewer commented: “I am not sure if #intruder is drama or comedy.

“The writing is quite bad. So many holes in the story.”

Angela in Channel 5 thriller Intruder
Viewers compared a scene with Angela with Alan Partridge (Credit: Channel 5)

Is Angela the new ‘DAN!’?

Viewers were particularly taken when Sam had a confrontation with his lover, Angela, who witnessed the murder.

Sam repeatedly shouted “Angela!” when she threatened to give the game away.

Continuing the comedy theme, some viewers compared the scene to the famous “DAN!” scene in Alan Partridge.

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One viewer said: “#Intruder is this a new Alan Partridge? ‘Angela, Angela, Angela, Angela, Angela. Angela. Angela, Angela…'”

Another joked: “Angela, Angela, Angela, ANGELA. That’s about three pages of script right there.”

There are still two episodes to go (Wednesday and Thursday at 9pm) so it could still turn a corner!

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