Inside Animal A&E Mitch Bichon Frise

Inside Animal A&E: Viewers weep as Mitch the Bichon Frise has to be put down

The 15-year-old pooch featured on the ITV documentary series

Inside Animal A&E had viewers feeling emotional when Mitch the Bichon Frise had to be put down.

During Monday (October 19) evening’s episode of the ITV documentary series, viewers met Mitch, a 15-year-old pooch with multiple health issues.

Aside from being blind, the Bichon Frise also had kidney disease.

Inside Animal A&E Mitch Bichon Frise
Inside Animal A&E featured Mitch the Bichon Frise (Credit: ITV)

What happened with Mitch the Bichon Frise on Inside Animal A&E?

Blue Cross driver Sonia, on her way to pick the pet up from his owner Maggie, said: “He’s on kidney failure, he’s also diabetic. Everyone loves him, everyone loves him. As soon as they see him in the corridor, he has cuddles, he has everything, he’s such a lovely dog.

“Hopefully he’s still fine and nothing bad is going to happen, positive thinking.”

Mitch had been coming to Victoria Hospital since he was a puppy.

Inside Animal A&E Mitch Bichon Frise
Mitch was blind, had kidney disease and was diabetic (Credit: ITV)

After examining him, vet Aysha said, unfortunately: “I think I need to discuss with the owner that it might be time to call it a day with him.”

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During the agonising call to owner Maggie, the vet explained: “I’m worried that he’s not eating because he’s feeling rough, because of the kidney disease.”

Maggie admitted, over the phone: “I can see that the quality of his life is dripping away… I don’t know if it would be right keeping him hanging on.”

Inside Animal A&E Mitch Bichon Frise
Vet Aysha made the decision to put the Bichon Frise down (Credit: ITV)

Whole of Victoria Animal Hospital ‘devastated’ about Mitch

The vet then assured her: “We couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated owner… I’m concerned that he’s not that happy little Mitch who used to come bouncing in here.

At least you know they don’t have to suffer any more, and that’s a good thing for the animal.

“I want to reassure you that at this stage, medically, we’re kind of at an end point of what we can do for him. And I don’t think we can make him feel better, I think he’s only going to start feeling worse from now on.”

After, Aysha told viewers: “Deciding when that right time is, is really hard. But at least you know they don’t have to suffer any more, and that’s a good thing for the animal.”

The voiceover then explained, “It’s news Aysha knows will devastated the whole hospital” – and it seems those watching at home felt the same way.

Inside Animal A&E Mitch Bichon Frise
Inside Animal A&E viewers felt heartbroken (Credit: ITV)

What did Inside Animal A&E viewers say about Mitch?

On Twitter, one ITV viewer said with a string of crying emojis: “#InsideAnimalAE Mitch… absolutely heart breaking.”

Another simply wrote, using the show’s hashtag and a sad face emoji: “#insideanimalae Mitch.”

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Similarly, a third tweeted: “Oh Mitch #InsideAnimalAE.”

Someone else put: “Oh dear. I’m holding my doggy tight watching this! #InsideAnimalAE.”

A fifth replied tearfully: “I have four cats and they will definitely be getting extra cuddles from me! Always so hard letting a pet go but it’s in their best interests.”

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