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Innocent series two: 10 burning questions we have after episode one

Everyone in the small town of Keswick seems to be hiding something!

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Series two of Innocent started tonight (Monday May 17 2021) starring Katherine Kelly as a wronged woman (we think!?) – so here are our burning questions after watching episode one of Innocent 2.

The whole cast of characters appear to be hiding something…

Here are the questions we want answered in episode two.

***Warning: spoilers from episode one of Innocent 2 ahead***

Katherine Kelly in Innocent on ITV1
Katherine Kelly as Sally in Innocent (Credit: ITV1)

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Innocent 2 episode one questions: What is DCI Braithwaite’s secret?

DCI Braithwaite, played by Shaun Dooley, is the sort of cop you’d want on your side.

And he seems determined to find Matty’s real killer.

But the detective clearly has skeletons in his own closet.

During episode one, his boss asks if “he’s ready for a case?” hinting at past heartbreak.

Braithwaite replies that “it’s good to be back”.

Viewers then saw him turn down a night out with his colleagues, saying it was his daughter’s birthday.

The following scenes showed him at home, drinking wine and crying while watching videos of a woman with a young girl.

Are his wife and daughter dead?

What are Matty’s parents hiding?

Matty’s mum and dad also seem to be hiding something.

During scenes at home, they agree to “tell the police the same thing as last time”.

So what’s their secret?

And will angry dad John seek his own justice against Sally?

The closing scenes of episode one show him lurking outside Sally’s house, and he clearly still blames her for Matty’s death.

Innocent 2 episode one questions
Andrew Tiernan stars as grieving dad John Taylor in Innocent (Credit: ITV1)

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Innocent 2 episode one questions: Is Sam still in love with Sally?

Sally’s ex-husband Sam seems to have an unusual relationship with his new fiancée Karen.

By unusual, we mean that she comes across as a raging bunny boiler.

But now that Sally has been exonerated, could Sam’s buried feelings resurface?

Especially after finding out that she lost their baby in police custody…?

We think he might still hold a flame, and we’re pretty sure she does for him!

Why did Anna Stamp lie and say she saw Sally and Matty kissing?

Anna Stamp’s eye-witness account was the prosecution’s biggest evidence against Sally.

The schoolgirl claimed she saw teacher Sally kissing Matty in a car in the weeks leading up to his murder.

But she’s now suspected of lying – but why would she lie?

And what else does she claim to know?

Innocent cast
Shaun Dooley leads the cast of police officers tasked with finding out the truth in Innocent series two (Credit: ITV1)

Did Sally have a sexual relationship with Matty?

Sally has always denied allegations that she had a sexual relationship with Matty Taylor.

Although she was wrongly convicted of killing her pupil, she never stood trial for grooming and underage sex.

Is there ever smoke without fire, or was Sally simply a victim of a vicious rumour?

Why was Matty “briefly under social services care”?

In episode one of Innocent 2, the investigating police officers discover something troubling about Matty and his family.

Before his murder, Matty had been “briefly under social services care”.

We want to know why and what for?

Innocent series two
Jamie Bamber stars as Sally’s ex-husband, but does he still hold a flame? (Credit: ITV1)

Why was the bottle neck never found? Where is it?

Matty Taylor was killed with the jagged edge of a broken bottle in the bloody murder.

But we discover the bottle neck was never found.

Will the incriminating bit of evidence ever turn up?

Innocent 2 episode one questions: Who really killed Matty?

This is the million pound question!

We have our list of suspects, including Matty’s parents and Sally’s then-husband Sam.

No doubt we’ll have to wait until the final episode on Thursday May 20 2021 to find out, though!

Amy-Leigh Hickman as Bethany in Innocent series two (Credit: ITV1) This image is tiger copyright of ITV and is for use only for publicity relating to Innocent series 2. For further information please contact
Amy-Leigh Hickman as Bethany in Innocent series two (Credit: ITV1)

Innocent 2 episode one questions: Where is it filmed?

The scenery is just as striking as the drama in Innocent 2 on ITV1.

Filming took place in Ireland and the Lake District throughout the pandemic.

The location provides the perfect backdrop to the drama and will definitely make you want to book a holiday!

Innocent series two is actually set in the small Cumbrian town of Keswick in the Lakes.

Is it based on a true story?

Innocent series two is not based on a true story.

The TV series was written by Unforgotten creator Chris Lang.

However, actress Katherine Kelly did research the Amy Beck case for the role.

Talking about the role, she said: “I studied all I could on Amy Beck.”

Amy is a former Burbank teacher who turned herself into police in 2010 for having a sexual relationship with her former student.

She shared her story with BBC journalist Louis Theroux for a documentary on registered sex offenders living in Los Angeles.

Innocent series two continues on Tuesday May 17 2021 at 9pm on ITV1.

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