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Innocent 2: Who really killed Matty Taylor? Our list of suspects after episode one

Was it Matty's parents or Sally's love rival Karen?

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Innocent series two kicked off with a bang this week (Monday May 17 2021) with a murderer on the loose – so who are our top suspects as Innocent 2 continues?

Episode one saw wrongly convicted Sally Wright exonerated for the  murder of Matty Taylor.

So who DID kill the schoolboy and why?

Katherine Kelly in Innocent on ITV1
Katherine Kelly as Sally in Innocent (Credit: ITV1)

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Innocent 2 top suspects: Matty’s parents

John and Maria Taylor are clearly hiding something.

At first, dad John comes across as a fireball of rage directed straight at Sally – even though she’s been exonerated of murder.

Of course, any parent has the right to be grief-stricken.

But later scenes show the parents appearing to conspire to lie to the police.

At home, away from the glare of the photographers, John tells his wife: “We tell the police the same thing as last time.”

Viewers also know that their son Matty was “briefly in the care of social services” before his death.

We want to know why, and whether it’s connected to his murder.

Innocent 2 top suspects: Sam Wright

Sam Wright was seemingly happily married to his wife Sally.

The pair were even trying for a baby.

Could he have snapped after hearing the rumours that his wife was having an affair?

And not just any affair… One with a 16-year-old pupil!

Amy-Leigh Hickman as Bethany in Innocent series two (Credit: ITV1) This image is tiger copyright of ITV and is for use only for publicity relating to Innocent series 2. For further information please contact
Amy-Leigh Hickman as Bethany in Innocent series two (Credit: ITV1)

Did Karen kill Matty Taylor?

Karen is now engaged to be married to Sam.

She clearly made her move while Sally was in prison for the crime she didn’t commit.

Viewers discover that Karen may have always held a flame for Sam – even when he was married to Sally.

And, you have to admit, Karen does have a bunny boiler vibe about her.

Did she kill Matty knowing Sally would be prime suspect?

And hence getting her claws into Sam?

Innocent 2 top suspects: Bethany

Karen’s daughter Bethany is our next suspect.

If she wasn’t involved, then why is she acting so shady?

She definitely seems to know more than she is letting on.

Couple that with the fact she’s become a bully at school, and it’s not so hard to imagine.

We also know that SHE has also been bullied in the past – so could Matty have been the bully?

Clues Sam killed Matty
Do John and Maria know more about their son’s death than they are letting on? (Credit: ITV1)

Did Anna Stamp kill Matty?

By the end of Innocent 2 episode one, Anna Stamp seems to have been exposed as a liar.

Her eye-witness account was the main evidence against Sally during the trial due to a lack of physical evidence.

Sally claimed she’d seen teacher Sally kissing Matty in a car before he died.

But why would she lie and frame Sally?

She’s a proven liar, as we also see her lie to DCI Braithwaite about Sally threatening her.

Is she covering up her own tracks?

Innocent continues on Tuesday May 17 2021 at 9pm on ITV1.

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