Myha'la Herrold as Harper in Industry

Industry on BBC Two: Who is Myha’la Herrold, who plays Harper?

American actress Myha'la Herrold is destined for stardom and is well on her way

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Myha’la Herrold stars as underdog Harper in HBO’s eight-part series Industry, which airs over here on BBC Two.

The US actress is relatively unknown, but her role in Industry will soon change that.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Harper is played by American actress Myha’la Herrold in Industry (Credit: BBC / HBO)

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Who is Harper in Industry?

Harper is an ambitious trainee banker in Industry.

She’s a fiercely intelligent American graduate with a mysterious background. But is she who she says she is?

We know she has come to London from New York to join the world’s most prestigious bank Pierpoint & Co.

Surrounded by people born into privilege, she will stop at nothing to prove herself the best hire in her graduate class.

Who plays Harper in Industry?

Relative newcomer Myha’la Herrold plays the heroine Harper Stern in Industry.

The role of Harper is her first ever major TV role.

Talking about her character, Myha’la told Vogue: “If my life had looked different, I may be exactly like Harper.

“I deeply, personally, intrinsically understand her thought process because we have the same set of challenges: humble beginnings, being mixed [race], American, in this new place, having to prove her worth without any extra [bleep] – no privileges.”

The actress also admits that she cried when she saw the billboard advertising Industry in Times Square.

Myha'la Herrold stars as Harper and Marisa Abela is Yasmine in Industry (Credit: BBC Two)
Myha’la Herrold stars as Harper and Marisa Abela is Yasmin in Industry (Credit: BBC Two / HBO)

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Who is Myha’la Herrold?

Myha’la is an actress, who made her small screen debut in 2018. She’s fresh on the scene!

However, before that, she starred in musical theatre.

She was just 21 when she made her Broadway debut as the all-singing, all-dancing Nabulungi in The Book of Mormon.

The character of Harper is her first big TV role.

How old is Myha’la Herrold?

Myha’la Herrold was born on April 6 1996 and is currently 24.

Like her character, Myha’la is also from New York – but she was originally born in California.

She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh in 2018 with a BFA degree in Drama, Acting and Music Theatre.

The cast of Industry on BBC Two
Myha’la and the cast of London-based new drama Industry (Credit: BBC Two / HBO)

Is Myha’la really American?

Myha’la is a New Yorker born in California.

The accent in Industry is 100 per cent genuine!

What has Myha’la starred in?

Myha’la first appeared on TV as a background character in 2018’s Rehabilitation of the Hill.

A year later, she starred as Dymond in Premature, before appearing as Lulu in the short film The Tattooed Heart – appropriate as Myha’la is covered in tattoos in real life!

She played Tami in a 2019 episode of Modern Love, before winning the role of Harper in Industry.

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Is Myha’la single?

Myha’la’s current relationship status is unknown, but we do know she is gay.

In an Instagram post earlier this year, she wrote: “I think it’s important to have something that is yours. It belongs exclusively to you and only you. It can be anything! I’ve chosen me. My body, my mind, my spirit, my Blackness, my Queerness belongs to me and only me.”

Industry continues on Tuesdays on BBC Two at 9.15pm.

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