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In the Face of Terror: Who was Jihadi John? Your key questions answered

The BBC2 three-part series focuses on the ordinary people fighting for justice following acts of terror in Syria

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In the Face of Terror aired on BBC2 tonight (Monday 5 October 2020), and gave a powerful insight into the ordeal suffered by the families of the journalists and aid workers kidnapped by ISIS.

Diane and John Foley speak painfully about the abduction of their son James Foley in 2012.

Here’s everything you need to know about the three-part documentary…

In the Face of Terror BBC2
In the Face of Terror showed the harrowing ordeal faced by James Foley’s parents (Credit: BBC)

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What is In the Face of Terror about on BBC2?

In the Face of Terror on BBC2 tells the horrifying ordeal of journalist James Foley and aid workers Kayla Mueller and David Haines.

ISIS abducted and killed them – among others.

It follows the families left behind to search for truth and justice on behalf of the kidnap victims.

The first episode focuses on the hostage crisis in Syria, which resulted in seven beheadings by a British executioner.

Who was James Foley?

James Foley, also known as Jim, became Jihadi John’s first victim.

Jim was a journalist from New Hampshire who was reporting on the civil war in Syria.

He travelled to war-torn Syria as a freelance journalist, hoping to give voice to the victims of the civil war.

Diane and John Foley fought tirelessly to bring James home.

ISIS broke their silence on the whereabouts of Jim one year after his disappearance, however they did not say who they were.

Jihadi John and James Foley
Jihadi John about to do the unthinkable to James Foley (Credit: BBC)

When was James kidnapped?

James went missing in 2014, alongside fellow journalist John Cantlie.

His parents appealed to the police for help, having no idea where their son was.

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They went public, against FBI advice, in a desperate plea to get answers.

Why was James Foley kidnapped and killed?

Radical Jihadist group ISIS kidnapped James.

ISIS used a makeshift prison to detain him.

The world, at that time, did not know that ISIS was locked in a secret war with the West.

ISIS wanted ransoms for the hostages, but the UK and US governments refused to negotiate with the terrorists.

In the Face of Terror BBC2
Carl and Marsha Mueller appeal directly to ISIS for the safe release of their daughter Kayla (Credit: BBC2)

How did James Foley die?

A masked man murdered James Foley and posted the video online.

On August 19 2014, ISIS uploaded a video onto YouTube which began with the words ‘A message to America’…

James Foley was beheaded on the film, at the hands of the man who became known as ‘Jihadi John’.

James was 40 years old.

Who was Kayla Mueller?

Kayla Mueller was the first Western woman to be kidnapped by the Islamic State group.

Peace-loving Kayla worked on the borders of Syria trying to set up community centres for women.

She was held in the same compound as Jim Foley and James Cantlie.

ISIS announced she was dead on Twitter.

Who was Jihadi John?

Jihadi John was one third of the Islamic State ‘Beatles’.

He was born in Kuwait and moved to the UK when he was six.

Kuwait-born Mohammed was a 26-year-old computer programmer from West London.

‘Jihadi John’ murdered six more of the hostages – including British aid worker David Haines.

Jihadi John In the Face of Terror
Jihadi John – aka Mohammed Emwazi – In the Face of Terror (Credit: BBC2)

Why did the guards become known as The Beatles?

Three Islamic State prison guards gained the nickname ‘The Beatles’.

Needing to find some humour in their predicament, the hostages nicknamed the jihadist trio John, George and Ringo.

The abductors were all British, which is where the nickname came from.

Who are ISIS?

ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

They are a militant Islamist group that follows a fundamentalist, Salafi jihadist doctrine of Sunni Islam.

Jordanian jihadist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi founded the group.

Jihad is the struggle or fight against the enemies of Islam.

Is Jihadi John dead?

U.S. officials reported that Emwazi had been hit by a drone strike in RaqqaSyria.

ISIS confirmed his death in January 2016.

In the Face of Terror continues next week (Monday October 12 2020) on BBC2 at 9pm

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