Stephen Mulhern looks disgusted during a game on In For A Penny

In For A Penny: Stephen Mulhern fans make same complaint to ITV

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In For A Penny viewers all made the same complaint about the Stephen Mulhern-fronted show last night (Saturday May 21).

Stephen, 45, is one of ITV‘s most popular light entertainment hosts, with legions of adoring fans.

But the adoration he receives from viewers doesn’t prevent some watching at home complaining about shows he features in.

Indeed, going by social media as yesterday’s show aired, Stephen is the primary reason viewers made a specific plea to the TV network.

And that’s because Stephen and the show is such a hit with the audience that viewers want even more!

Stephen Mulhern looks shocked during a game on In For A Penny
In For A Penny fans have been begging ITV about Stephen Mulhern and the show (Credit: ITV)

In For A Penny fans want more of Stephen Mulhern

In For A Penny is a highlight for many Saturday night telly viewers.

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But it is also one of the shorter programmes on in a weekend evening telly slot on a major channel.

Consequently, viewers would like to see the show run longer than the 30 minutes of air time it currently fills.

‘Need Stephen on longer’

One fan tweeted during Saturday night’s episode: “I need #InForAPenny to be on longer @StephenMulhern.”

Another dedicated viewer agreed: “Wish #InForAPenny was on longer. Half an hour is seriously not long. Need @StephenMulhern on longer. Can’t wait for the new series of @Catchphrase.”

And someone else seemed mildly exasperated they had to repeat themselves in tweeting out: “Once again, #InForAPenny needs to be an extra 15 minutes longer.”

However, another quarter of an hour wasn’t enough for some, who wanted to go all in – quids in!

Even more…?

“You need to be given an hour for this TV gold mate,” one viewers suggested on Twitter.

Somebody replied to that user by suggesting they reckoned that may have once been the case.

“I’m sure it used to be,” they wrote.

“Either way I agree. It is one of the best, funniest and silliest programmes ever.”

But even an hour wasn’t enough for one person’s craving for In For A Penny. They joked an entire channel should be dedicated to the show!

“Stephen you need to put this show on 24hr programming, could watch this all day and night,” they tweeted.

Stephen Mulhern dances during a game on In For A Penny
Stephen Mulhern dances during a game on In For A Penny (Credit: ITV Hub)

And among the requests for longer and more regular episodes, other Twitter users rushed to congratulate the host on entertaining them.

“Seriously has to be the funniest thing on TV on a Saturday, bloody love you, I’m crying with laughter, one fan tweeted at Stephen.

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Another posted: “You smashed tonight’s show. I laughed away to myself, the rest of the family looked at me like I was a lunatic but I can deal with that.”

And someone else enthused: “So funny! Watch anything you are in!”

In For A Penny next airs on ITV on Saturday May 28 at 6.30pm.

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