I’m A Celeb’s Toff reveals shock jungle scenes that never aired on TV

Poor Toff!

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Queen of the Jungle Georgia’ Toff’ Toffolo was rarely seen without a smile on her face during the latest series of I’m A Celebrity.

But it turns out things were going on behind the scenes that viewers never saw on TV.

In a new interview, the I’m A Celeb winner has revealed she was so hungry and weak at one stage, she was unable to lift her arms to tie back her hair.

She even thought about quitting just ten days into the experience.

Toff had a tough time in the jungle (Credit: ITV)

Toff explained to The Sun how she needed medical advice from Medic Bob, after the trials and tribulations of jungle life began to wear her down.

“I said to Medic Bob, ‘I can’t carry on’. I remember trying to do my hair in plaits and I couldn’t even lift my arms up. I thought I would have to leave,” she said.

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“I didn’t get any extra food or drink. Medic Bob just said, ‘Come on Toff, it’s hit you first because you’re the smallest. Be strong.’ He gave me the best pep talk. I had a tear rolling down my cheek. He talked me off the edge and I was all right.”

Toff lost 4kg of weight during her time in the jungle – but admitted yesterday she’s been binge eating on whatever she can get her hands on since leaving camp.

Toff lost 4kg of weight in the jungle (Credit: ITV)

Appearing on This Morning via video link from Australia, the Made In Chelsea star, 23, said she’d been very unwell on the night of her win after overeating.

“I’ve got to be careful [at the wrap party] because I was very poorly last night from overeating – all that food I ate – I’m going to have to really pace myself,” she said.

Toff isn’t the only celebrity to have experienced major hunger pangs and side-effects of a reduced calorie intake this year.

Vanessa said she could barely walk because of hunger (Credit: ITV)

Last week, Saturdays popstar Vanessa White said she’d felt so weak and hungry she could barely walk – and the fact she’s allergic to beans didn’t help, given the camp’s basic rations are rice and beans.

Instead, she was given protein tablets.

“At one point I couldn’t even walk,” she said. “The hunger was so real. You would literally do anything for an extra piece of fruit.”

Rebekah Vardy, meanwhile, said she’d been left bloated and in pain after overindulging on her jungle exit, despite Medic Bob warning her to take it slow when it came to food.

Ouch! (Credit: ITV)

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Posting a photo of her swollen stomach to Instagram, she said: “So this is what happens when you don’t listen to Bob and you leave the jungle and stuff your face with Tim Tams, chocolate brownies and lots of things that are not great for you. Oops.”

Becky added: “I lost a stone in the jungle and then came out and ate everything in sight. So now I’m in so much pain because I’m ridiculously bloated. Bob knows best! I should have stuck to his advice!”

Medic Bob always knows best!