I’m A Celeb’s Medic Bob saves Ant & Dec from poisonous snake

The camp's super hero has been to the rescue again!

When you’re filming in the middle of the Australian jungle it’s inevitable you’ll come up against the odd snake, spider or bug.

Which is why I’m A Celebrity’s cast and crew should be thankful for Medic Bob!

The show’s medical supervisor – real name Bob McCarron – works 24/7 while the programme airs to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

All hail Medic Bob! (Credit: ITV)

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And he certainly earned his pay cheque this week after spotting a poisonous snake slithering around an area frequently used by Ant & Dec to film links.

Appearing on I’m A Celeb’s spinoff show Extra Camp, he explained: “We keep it quiet from the celebrities in camp but last week I removed a venomous brown tree snake actually climbing along the drawbridge where Ant & Dec walk every day.”

Bob helps keep Ant & Dec safe (Credit: ITV)

“We also took a small-eyed snake, that’s a very dangerous snake, and potentially a killer,” said Bob.

“We found that one in the trials area. They are very dangerous.”

Thank goodness for Bob!

Bob chatted to Scarlett on Extra Camp (Credit: ITV)

And snakes weren’t the only thing Bob had to tackle this week: he also removed a tick from poor Becky Vardy’s back.

He gave Becky a ticking off (no pun intended) for trying to remove it herself with the help of Vanessa White, saying celebs are told before they enter camp never to touch a tick.

“The secret is never touch a tick and what they did was flick it, the worst thing. Never flick a tick! That will actually aggravate that tick. Every time you touch it it will inject poison into you,” he said.

“We did get it out safely.”

Medic Bob had to remove a tick from Becky’s back (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Medic Bob also had a word of warning for I’m A Celeb contestant Amir Khan!

Talking about Amir’s recent Flushed Out Bushtucker Trial, Bob had a theory about why the baby crocodile in the trial floated at the top of the tank and watched Amir as he walked away.

“Crocodiles have an acute memory and I think he was locking into Amir, so Amir, watch it! He has your number! He’ll remember!” laughed Bob.

What a reassuring thought!

Amir did the Flushed Out trial on Tuesday night (Credit: ITV)

As well as spotting and removing poisonous creatures from camp, Medic Bob also ensures the contestants’ safety by encouraging them to apply sun cream and wash.

He recently explained to The Sun: “The biggest problem I have with people with large breast implants is that because of the humidity in the jungle, fungus grows quickly on skin.

“And with big breast implants, if they are rubbing on their chest and the women doesn’t clean under their breasts they can get a fungal disease.

“They do need to use the jungle shower a lot, I tell them to keep clean and wash every day, twice a day, and some don’t. They get lazy.”

Bob had to tell Scarlett to wash last year (Credit: ITV)

That was certainly true for former Queen of the Jungle Scarlett Moffatt, who sheepishly admitted on Extra Camp earlier this week that she’d been one of those forced to wash.

“I had to get told by Medic Bob to go in the shower!” she said.

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Maybe best to keep that fact to yourself, Scarlett…

I’m A Celebrity airs 9pm on ITV.