I’m A Celebrity viewers have called their winner after camp confrontation

Toff stood up for herself

Georgia Toff Toffolo went up even further in many I’m A Celebrity viewers’ estimations tonight as she stood up to Jamie Lomas and Amir Khan.

Jamie’s comments were ill-advised (Credit: ITV)

The lads managed to do the unforgivable by upsetting new national treasure Toff, as they discussed the infamous Cyclone Challenge.

The Hollyoaks actor and Amir  insinuated she should do the easier part of the trial because they are stronger.

Toff didn’t react well to the accusation (Credit: ITV)

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Toff was fizzing about the 42-year-old’s comments, asserting: “I hate the stereotypical stuff because I’m a girl.”

She then went on to confide in the Bush Telegraph: “Nothing really annoys me apart from when the boys automatically assume that just because they are bigger than me that they are automatically stronger than me and more capable of doing Trials.

“Yes I am quite small but it doesn’t mean to say I am less mighty. It really grinds my gears. Not to mention, if it does get down to biology and strength I do the washing up, the wood and the water three times a day… do you know what boys, I can do this.

“It shouldn’t ever be unequal in here and I don’t think muscles transpire to stars, I’ve come back with full houses and busted a gut for everyone and I’m not that big.”

Many viewers, who have been falling in love with Toff all series, have concluded the good-natured Made In Chelsea star was now be crowned Queen of the Jungle.

Meanwhile, Jamie later conceded: “I’m not surprised in Toff’s reaction.

“She’s a tough cookie is Toff I think she surprised herself how tough she is in here, she’s feisty.”

The pair later went on to do a challenge – Toxic Trauma – together, and battled to win stars by filling a tube with disgusting stuff – with Jamie locked inside it (a role chosen by Ant and Dec).

Toff had to find a key in mystery boxes to unlock toxic waste barrels to empty into Jamie’s Perspex box.

The pair were rewarded with a meal for hit gold stars etched on the box by filling it.

They managed to get four stars, as Jamie was basically drowned in stinking fish guts.

Many felt it was just desserts for Jamie being something of a bully in their eyes…

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Toff proved Jamie work (Credit: ITV)