I’m A Celebrity viewers grossed out by contestant’s ‘FART’

Those rice and beans may be taking effect…

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I’m A Celebrity viewers took to Twitter last night to check if they were hearing things after a suspicious sound was made in the Bushtucker Trial clearing.

As the celebrities were invited by Ant and Dec to sit down on some benches replicating the House Of Commons, fans were certain they heard Stanley Johnson let rip as he was the first to take a seat.

Stanley Johnson was first into the clearing and viewers thought he made a suspicious noise (Credit: ITV)

“This looks familiar,” the former MP said of the set up as he went to sit down, accompanied by a fart-like noise as the cameras cut back to the smirking presenters.

Amused and baffled viewers went on Twitter to ask others if they thought they heard what they just heard, accusing the 77-year-old of farting.

“Did anyone else hear that fart noise? Was that Stanley?” one asked.

“I’m sure I heard Stanley fart when entering the trials,” another wrote.

Are the rice and beans getting to Stanley? (Credit: ITV)

Others were relieved to see others felt the same way, saying they were doubting their own ears and blaming the suspicious noises on others in the room with them.

“Ha, yes thought it was my dog until I played it back!” one admitted.

The benches the celebs were asked to sit on as they watched new campmates Iain Lee and Kezia Dugdale compete to become Jungle PM were bound to be a bit squeaky.

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But was that to blame for the noise or was it a spot of flatulence from Boris Johnson’s dad?

It wouldn’t be surprising given the campmates have been mostly surviving on rice and beans after only gaining a couple of good meals following successful Bushtucker Trials.

The “fart” was heard when Ant and Dec asked Stanley to take a seat (Credit: ITV)

However, Stanley was able to dine on meat and vege instead last night after Iain chose him as one of his teammates after winning the trial.

Meanwhile Jamie Lomas, Rebekah Vardy, Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo, Vanessa White and Kezia were banished to Snake Rock on basic food rations.

The celebs watched Iain Lee and Kezia Dugdale compete to be Jungle PM (Credit: ITV)

So more rice and beans for them… and potentially more wind problems!

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Tonight Amir Khan will be taking part in a trial again to see if he can win some more substantial food for campmates. He will have to compete against one of the Snake Rock dwellers.