I’m A Celebrity: Victoria Derbyshire praised by viewers for ‘important’ cancer chat

Jessica Plummer asked about her experience with the disease

I’m A Celebrity star Victoria Derbyshire was praised by viewers as she opened up about her cancer diagnosis.

The broadcaster, 52, chatted about her experience with the disease to actress Jessica Plummer, 28, in last night’s (Saturday, November 28) unseen bits episode.

In last night’s I’m A Celebrity, Victoria spoke to Jess about her cancer diagnosis (Credit: ITV)

What did Jessica Plummer ask Victoria Derbyshire on I’m A Celeb?

During one part of the programme, Jess was pumping water for Victoria’s shower when she asked about her breast cancer.

Victoria spoke candidly about her diagnosis, the impact it had on her family and also what she found the moment she realised something wasn’t right.

Jessica Plummer started the conversation while pumping water for Victoria’s shower (Credit: ITV)

Victoria addresses misconception about breast cancer

She also dispelled the misconception that breast cancer is always a lump. She told Jess: “I was going to bed on a Sunday night and getting undressed in the bathroom, I think I’d had a bath. And I just looked in the mirror and my right breast was about two inches lower than my left.”

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At that, Jess said one of hers is lower, but as it has always been that way, Victoria reassured her that was normal.

She continued: “I knew that wasn’t how I normally looked. Not only that, but the nipple had become inverted. I thought, ‘That looks weird, I’ll sort it tomorrow’. I did not think anything. And five days later, it was confirmed that it was breast cancer.

It’s so important because most women think you’re just looking for a lump, you’re not.

“All I was thinking was, I’m going to die.”

Victoria added: “It was all over… it wasn’t a lump, it was like, how would I describe it… if you had loads of string, all messed up, it was like that, long bits, it was all over. It wasn’t a solid lump, which is why you need all that chemo…

“It’s so important because most women think you’re just looking for a lump, you’re not, you’re looking for [change].”

Viewers praised I’m A Celebrity’s Victoria Derbyshire for spreading an important message (Credit: ITV)

How did I’m A Celebrity viewers respond?

On Twitter, viewers heaped praise on Victoria for spreading such an important message.

One said: “I’ve said it before but I really really like Victoria Derbyshire. I think the conversation with Jessica was very important. Wouldn’t have known breast cancer isn’t always a lump and I bet I’m not the only one #ImACelebrity.”

A second tweeted: “Just watched #imacelebrity on ITVHub and Victoria Derbyshire had me sobbing when she talked about her breast cancer.”

A third wrote: “Victoria being so honest and open about her breast cancer is so touching and has me in my feels. I know it was able to educate people and make a difference #ImACeleb.”

Someone else said: “Thank you, Jess, for asking Victoria about her breast cancer, and thank you, Victoria, for being so open and honest. Your frank conversation was so enlightening. #ImACeleb #imacelebrity.”

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Another put: “Fair play to Victoria Derbyshire. Total respect [for articulating] the issue of breast cancer so well. So strong.”

“A very important breast cancer conversation on @imacelebrity,” said a sixth. “Fair play to @vicderbyshire for being so open with her journey. I lost my beautiful mum and amazing sister to cancer. We all need to talk about it. Thank you, Victoria. #ImACeleb #imacelebrity

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