I'm A Celebrity unforgettable moments

I’m A Celebrity: The show’s most unforgettable moments EVER

Unexpected moments on I'm A Celeb we still can't stop talking about

Throughout its 20-year history, I’m A Celebrity has delivered some truly iconic moments.

From Myleene Klass’s shower moment to Gillian McKeith fainting on live television, I’m A Celebrity has taken us on a hilarious ride.

Here are the show’s most unforgettable moments that fans still can’t stop talking about.

Amir Khan and Iain Lee eat all of the stawberries and cream on I'm A Celeb
Amir Khan and Iain Lee kept the Dingo Dollar prize all to themselves (Credit: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity: Strawberry-gate

Amir Khan and Iain Lee shocked the nation when they greedily decided to keep the Dingo Dollar prize all to themselves.

After winning strawberries and cream, the pair couldn’t resist temptation any longer and devoured them all before returning to camp.

Eventually, Iain confessed what he did, but Amir just sat in silence and let him take all the blame.

Gillian McKeith faints on I'm A Celebrity
Gillian McKeith fainted on live TV (Credit: ITV)

Gillian McKeith faints on I’m A Celebrity

Nutritionist Gillian McKeith created television history when she fainted on I’m A Celebrity moments before her Bushtucker Trial.

After finding out she was nominated for her fifth Bushtucker Trial, Gillian couldn’t handle the pressure and passed out.

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The public were furious because they spent 50p for her to do the trial and some even claimed that she “faked” it.

Steve Davis slips up

Ant and Dec bursted into laughter when Steve Davis took a dip into the water before his trial had even started.

After he fell in, Ant shouted: “Steve! We haven’t even started yet!”

Steve cheerfully replied: “That was more slippery than I thought!” as he used the rope to climb back to the starting line.

Gino D’Acampo makes a rat risotto

When the camp was left without meat one night, Gino decided to kill a rat and use it as a source of protein for dinner.

Gino gutted the rat with a knife and added it to the rice to make a rat risotto.

Surprisingly everyone in the camp was happy to try the dish, including Kim Woodburn!

However, the Australian police were furious and actually tried to arrest the King of the Jungle for animal cruelty.

Myleene Klass iconic shower moment
Myleene Klass enjoys her moment in the shower (Credit: ITV)

Iconic shower moment on I’m A Celebrity

Who could forget Myleene’s famous shower moment under the jungle waterfall.

Singer Myleene Klass sent fans wild after she showered in a gorgeous white bikini.

From that day forward, viewers have been spotting other celebs having a “Myleene moment” under the jungle shower on I’m A Celeb.

Fatima Whitbread gets a cockroach stuck up her nose
Fatima Whitbread gets a cockroach stuck up her nose (Credit: ITV)

Fatima Whitbread gets an unwelcome visitor up her nose

Back in 2011 Fatima Whitbread took part in a trial where she had to wear a helmet full of bugs.

However, she quickly had to call for Medic Bob’s assistance after a cockroach crawled all the way up her nose.

In a recent interview Fatima admitted that she actually kept the cockroach and named it LB short for Little B-word.

Shaun Ryder’s snake bite

Viewers at home were horrified when a snake suddenly bit Shaun Ryder’s hand.

Medics rushed over to the Happy Mondays singer to remove the snake and make sure Shaun was okay.

But of course, Shaun stayed calm the whole time even though his entire hand was covered in blood.

Joey Essex learns how to tell the time

You never know what you might learn in the Australian jungle.

For Joey Essex it was learning to tell the time.

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Joey’s campmates were shocked when they found out he didn’t know how to use a clock.

So Amy Willerton came to the rescue and gave him a lesson.

Stacey Solomon throws a stone at Dom Joly

The nation couldn’t stop laughing when Stacey threw a stone at comedian Dom Joly.

Loose Women star Stacey Solomon tried so hard to get Dom’s attention so he could join her in the Bush Telegraph.

However, Dom didn’t seem to be getting the hint and carried on lazying around in his hammock.

Eventually, she resorted to throwing a stone at him which made Dom really perplexed as he thought a bug had fell on his face.

Antony Worrall Thompson rebels against I'm A Celebrity
Antony starts a revolution (Credit: ITV)

Campmates revolt against I’m A Celebrity

Antony Worrall Thompson started uproar with his campmates when they only received one sausage each for dinner.

He exclaimed: “It’s meant to be nine meals. It’s less than 1,000 calories a day”.

Disappointed by his portion size, Antony persuaded all of his campmates to shout the famous words and march out of camp.

The mutinous chef refused to take part in I’m A Celeb until they were given decent food rations.

Gemma Collins has a breakdown on a helicopter
Gemma only lasts 72 hours in the jungle (Credit: ITV)

The helicopter breakdown

Gemma Collins’ hilarious appearance on I’m A Celeb left us all belly laughing.

Before even entering the camp Gemma had a very memorable breakdown on the helicopter.

She screamed: “Can you stop a minute. I’m being serious, stop. I need to just get out,” until she was finally let out and went in a car instead.

Gemma also had a meltdown because the journey from the car to the camp was too far.

So it’s no surprise that she only lasted 72 hours in the jungle before she finally decided to quit.

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