I'm A Celebrity divas

I’m A Celebrity: The biggest divas to ever appear on the show

Please get them out of there!

From sleep deprivation to gruelling Bushtucker Trials, camp life in I’m A Celebrity can be pretty tough.

Unfortunately not every celebrity adapts to life in the jungle or castle easily.

And thus some of the biggest divas in the show’s history are born.

Here’s our rundown of our all-time favourites…

Gemma Collins I'm A Celebrity
Gemma Collins braved the Australian outback (Credit: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity queen diva: Gemma Collins

TOWIE star Gemma Collins was definitely not cut out for jungle life.

Her meltdowns and complaints kept us all entertained during her short stay in the jungle.

But did we really expect anything less from the self-confessed diva?

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Before the helicopter even took off for camp she exclaimed: “Can you stop a minute, please. I’m serious, just stop. I need to get out, seriously I’m going to be sick.”

She even threatened to quit because the walk from the car was too long.

After only three days of staying in the jungle, Gemma couldn’t take it any more and quit the show.

Gillian McKeith

The notorious Gillian McKeith managed to annoy both the viewers at home and her fellow campmates.

After being nominated for her seventh trial she suddenly fainted on live TV, prompting everyone at home to suspect that she was faking it.

Even her campmate Dom Joly remarked: “I smell BAFTAs for that faint, I really do.”

Nigel Havers also commented: “The faint was just brilliant. It’s just the timing was so good.”

Lady Colin Campbell
Lady C refused to wash the dishes (Credit: ITV)

Trouble in paradise for Lady C

Lady C certainly made the most entertaining appearance on the show with her fiery insults and explosive rows.

As time went on in the jungle, she developed habits of moaning and whining which made her even more difficult to get a long with.

She even refused to participate in a Bushtucker Trial that involved washing dishes because she believed it was “a complete injustice”.

Diva rating = 10/10!

Helen Flanagan
Helen Flanagan in the jungle (Credit: ITV)

Swapping Corrie for I’m A Celebrity Helen Flanagan

When it came to Bushtucker Trials, Helen Flanagan was everyone’s obvious choice to vote for.

However, viewers started to get frustrated when Helen would refuse to even take part in the challenges any more.

Her diva antics clearly didn’t go down well with her her campmates who lost out on the chance of a meal, all because she couldn’t be bothered to do them any more.

Natalie Appleton
Natalie gasps for air during her Bushtucker trial (Credit: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity trial gone wrong

Natalie Appleton was known for freaking out about everything in the jungle – she even screamed when she happened to touch a tree!

So it was no surprise that viewers kept voting for her in the Bushtucker Trials.

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In one trial, Natalie got so terrified that she even called for her “Mummy” and had to get oxygen from a medic.

Eventually Natalie had enough and did a diva-like strut out of the jungle.

Antony Worrall Thompson

Antony Worrall Thompson cared so much about his portion sizes that he encouraged his campmates to revolt and walk out of the camp.

After receiving just one sausage each for dinner, Antony and his campmates shouted the famous words and demanded more food.

In an ultimate show of his diva-ship, not only did he start a riot but he also broke the rules by smuggling in spices!

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