I’m A Celebrity star has DROPPED OUT of tonight’s trial

Someone else has had to step in at the last minute

Rebekah Vardy has withdrawn from this evening’s Bushtucker Trial.

The 35-year-old had been chosen by the public to face the latest I’m A Celebrity task alongside Stanley Johnson but alas, it’s not meant to be!

Alison Hammond revealed on Wednesday’s This Morning that Becky has been unable to do the trial on medical grounds.

Now, that wasn’t an issue when the vote opened during last night’s show, but Alison said it was a decision made by medics because Becky’s been suffering dizzy spells.

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She said: “One person has dropped out of trial on medical grounds. Not Stanley – it’s Rebekah! It’s not because of her shellfish allergy, it’s more the fact she’s getting dizzy spells, so she can’t do this trial on medical grounds. That’s the main reason she’s not doing it.”

Alison explained that the person with the third number of public votes will now step in to take Becky’s place: Kezia Dugdale.

She also admitted fears Stanley, 77, won’t do too well on the trial. Oh dear.

It’s the former politician’s very first Bushtucker Trial after he was ruled out of all the previous ones on medical grounds, but Alison said it’s a tough one for him to do.

Stanley is placed on a rotating board and spun around; he has to lob balls towards a hole and get them in so he can save Kez from a cage, where she’s trapped with critters.

They have a lot to live up to given Iain won all 11 stars last night.

Even more impressive, he did it in a trial that forced him to face his fears of heights.

Iain admitted it was going to be tricky for him, but said: “In my care package I got a note from my little boys and they gave me some advice about different trials and one of them was if you are really high up, don’t look down, so I’m going to follow the advice of my two children.  This is for the boys.”

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He had to search a rocket and space station hung 100 feet above the jungle floor in order to find the stars – and succeeded!

“I really wanted to get 11 stars. I’m so thrilled,” he said. “On a personal level I’m thrilled I did that so thank you for giving me the opportunity.

“I did it, it was great. It was traumatic. I was terrified. I did it. I’m thrilled!”

I’m A Celeb airs nightly on ITV.