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I’m A Celebrity: 600 Ofcom complaints in one week over animal use and trial ‘fix’ accusations

It's only been on just over a week!

I’m A Celebrity has received 607 Ofcom complaints over animal use and ‘fix’ accusations.

And it has only been on air for a week and a half!

i'm a celebrity fix
The latest series has been dogged by idle gossip about some trials being a fix (Credit: ITV)

The popular ITV series has been hit with hundreds of complaints from disgruntled viewers.

And many take aim at the use of animals and insects on the show. As well as accusations that the trials are a ‘fix’ or ‘fake’.

According to Ofcom’s weekly report, I’m A Celeb was hit with 607 complaints within its first week of airing.

What are I’m A Celebrity viewers complaining about to Ofcom?

Some 200 of the complaints were lodged after the second episode aired.

In it, contestants Shane Richie and Jordan North were lowered into coffin-like enclosures filled with snakes.

Many complained over the welfare of the snakes, fearing for their safety and stress levels.

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The RSPCA has previously spoken out against the show and its regard for animal welfare.

In an official statement, the animal charity said: “Since I’m a Celebrity was first aired, animals have been dropped, thrown, handled roughly, crushed, chased, overcrowded, scared by contestants and prevented from escaping from stressful experiences.

I'm A Celebrity Ant and Dec
I’m A Celebrity Ant and Dec stars ask contestants to be gentle with the animals (Credit: ITV)

“There have also been incidents where animals have been killed for no other purpose than entertainment.”

Meanwhile there were fix complaints from other I’m A Celebrity viewers.

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I’m A Celebrity ‘fix’ – any substance to the claims?

After contestant favourite Jordan North was repeatedly on trials, viewers said they weren’t able to vote for him any longer.

Several claimed that the app froze when they tried to vote for the Radio 1 star.

But some took to Twitter to speculate if the voting app had been ‘fixed’ to give other celebrities a chance.

vernon kay looking embarrassed on I'm a celeb
Some said they couldn’t vote for Jordan on the app (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Why are the Welsh police now involved?

For example, one unhappy viewer vented: “I’m convinced the I’m a celeb producer has stopped people from voting for Jordan by making the voting on the app not work for those who voted for him 5x last time.”

However, now there’s fresh concern for the animal welfare.

The Welsh police are reportedly investigating the set over fears that some of the non-native bugs and creatures could escape.

There are concerns that these foreign beings could destroy the local Welsh countryside.

But ITV’s spokesperson responded with: “All of the insects used on I’m A Celebrity are non-invasive species.

“They are only ever released in a contained area and collected immediately after filming.

“The bugs are UK-bred and are commercially purchased in the UK for birds and exotic animal feed for pets and zoo keepers in normal circumstances.

Before adding: “Our insects have been donated to local wildlife sanctuaries, trusts and zoos for their exotic animal and bird feed after filming.”

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