I'm A Celebrity star Jordan North takes on Bushtucker trial

I’m A Celebrity: Jordan North squeals as he’s covered in critters in trial

Jordan takes on his fourth Bushtucker trial tonight

I’m A Celebrity star Jordan North squeals as he’s covered in bugs during tonight’s Bushtucker trial.

On Wednesday night’s show, viewers picked the radio DJ to face Trapped Door.

In a preview for the trial, Jordan is seen on his back as he uses a rope to pull him along an underground cave.

Jordan North on I'm a Celebrity
Jordan North faces tonight’s Bushtucker trial on I’m A Celebrity (Credit: ITV)

What happens during tonight’s trial with Jordan North?

In the clip, Dec Donnelly tells him: “12 minutes to find 12 stars,” as Jordan is seen pulling himself along.

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Jordan asks: “Oh God, what’s that?” as thousands of maggots drop onto him.

Jordan then has to move a star along a metal frame.

Jordan North on I'm a Celebrity
The star covered in bugs (Credit: ITV)

What does Jordan North say?

Jordan says: “Come on Jordan. This is absolutely horrific. Come on Jordan.

“Don’t think about it. Happy place! Happy place!”

Come on Jordan. This is absolutely horrific. Come on Jordan.

As he tries to get the stars, he says: “I can’t get them off!”

Dec tells him: “Just keep working on them. Keep moving them on.”

At the end of the clip, Jordan says: “I’ve got it.”

Ant and Dec on I'm A Celebritry
Ant and Dec watch on as Jordan takes on the trial (Credit: ITV)

But, how many stars will Jordan win?

Meanwhile, last night, Ant and Dec told Jordan he faces the trial.

What did I’m A Celebrity fans say?

However, some fans weren’t happy Jordan had been picked again after having to do three trials already.

One person said on Twitter: “Who are these people that keep voting Jordan. Surely you’d want to see other people do the trials. Morons.”

In addition, another wrote: “Can we just all collectively decide to stop voting for Jordan for trials now, and actually give someone else a chance?! Poor man!”

After that, a third added: “Can we have a new rule if someone’s been picked for trials more than 3 times they get an automatic ban from public vote.

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“It gets boring having Jordan all the time let’s see the others bring something to the table.”

I’m A Celebrity continues on ITV, tonight, at 9pm. 

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