I’m A Celebrity issues statement after viewers accuse Ant of racist slur

Talk about getting the wrong end of the stick!

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Oh dear, it looks like some viewers might need to give their ears a pre-Christmas clean-out as they are mishearing things and jumping to wild conclusions.

Some I’m A Celebrity fans got very twitchy after misunderstanding a comment made my Ant McPartlin and ended up thinking he’d said something racist.

(As IF.)

People piled onto Twitter after the host and his presenting pal Dec Donnelly joked about the blue vests the crew on the show were wearing.

The blue vest convo caused unintentional controversy (Credit: ITV)

He said they were being donated to “underprivileged Australians who suffer terrible working conditions”.

Certain viewers THINK they heard Ant then say: “Poor souls. They get paid in Abos.”

“Abos” is a derogatory term for Aborigines, the indigenous people of Australia.

But these viewers were wasting their outrage on this occasion, as Ant said – actually pretty clearly, if you watch back – AVOS, as in avocados.

Ant’s accent has clearly thrown a few viewers off (Credit: ITV)

A spokesperson for the show patiently took time to speak to The Mirror about the bizarre slur.

“He said ‘avos’ which is a way to describe avocados,” they said. “Listen/watch the footage again and you’ll clearly hear him say ‘avos’.”

And… relax!