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I’m A Celebrity: Holly Willoughby horrified as Sair Khan eats cow’s teat

She's forced to look away

I’m A Celebrity’s Sair Khan and Malique Thompson-Dywer are set to face tonight’s Bushtucker trial and unfortunately for them, it’s the dreaded eating challenge.

The trial, Dreaded Deliveries, involves Coronation Street actress Sair and Hollyoaks star Malique eating a series of disgusting meals being delivered to them.

In a preview clip for tonight’s trial, host Holly Willoughby is left mortified as she watches Sair eat a cow’s teat.

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In the clip, Holly tells Sair: “Right Sair, it’s back to you.”

As Sair opens a box to unveil the cow’s teats, Holly looks away and says: “Oh my god. That is teat-a masala.”

Sair’s jaw immediately drops as she exclaims: “No!” to which Dec tells her: “It’s a cow’s teat.”

I'm A Celebrity eating trial
Sair and Malique take on the eating trial tonight (Credit: ITV)

Pointing at the meal, Sair says: “That one looks like white chocolate, that one looks like dark chocolate, this one looks like milk chocolate.

“I love milk chocolate! So… great! I’m really looking forward to it,” as Holly is forced to look away.

Dec says: “Let’s have a look at it. It does look quite chocolatey.”

Holly whispers: “What is wrong with you people?”

Sair Khan on IAC
Sair eats a cow’s teat leaving Holly and Dec horrified (Credit: ITV)

Sair then picks up the teat, places it in her mouth and sucks it up as she starts eating it.

As Sair sucked up the teat, Holly and Dec burst into laughter.

Will Sair and Malique be able to bag enough stars to bring some decent food home to camp?

On last night’t show, viewers saw Anne Hegerty bring seven out of 11 stars back to camp after she faced Hellish Hospital.

Anne Hegerty on IAC
Anne took on the trial last night (Credit: ITV)

She had to explore a series of rooms filled with bugs, pigeons, snakes and fish guts to try and find stars.

The star – who has Asperger’s syndrome – made it to the final room in which she had to climb through an air vent and collect the final stars.

However, Anne chose to pull out of the trial as she told hosts Holly Willoughby and Dec Donnelly: “No, I’m sorry. I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.”

As she left the Hellish Hospital, she said: “I’m glad I bottled it at a later stage than previously.

Anne Hegerrty on IAC
Anne bagged seven out of 11 stars, leaving viewers praising her (Credit: ITV)

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“I said if I got seven [stars] I’d probably feel like that was enough.”

Will Sair and Malique be able to bring home the bacon tonight?

Tune in to I’m A Celebrity on ITV at 9pm to see.

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